Take the static out of status reporting

Today’s status reports are more work than they’re worth. Team Central will change that.

Meeples gathering at a fountain
Meeples gathering at a fountain
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Curated, concise updates in one organized feed

Team Central is here to outshine your outdated status spreadsheets. Give everyone access to real-time progress, potential problems, and priorities, in a digestible feed they’ll actually read.

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Quote in heart

I love status reporting

- Said no one ever

Quote in heart

I love status reporting

- Said no one ever

Status reporting needed a makeover.
Welcome to the ‘after’

Status reporting needed a makeover. Welcome to the ‘after’

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Write better updates

Character limits and easy-to-add videos and images help you write updates people will actually interact with.

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Opt-out of the noise

Get information that’s relevant instead of all the information available. Choose which projects to follow with one click.

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Automate the mundane

Project owners get reminded to share end-of-week reflections and deliver updates to followers’ inboxes first thing Monday morning.

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Curate as you scale

Gone are the days when you have to write the same update from ten different points of view. Create and follow hashtags to see updates from any lens: department, quarter, company initiative or anything really.

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A homepage for every project

Sharing updates in isolation is a recipe for creating more work. Give followers the context they’re craving, in a format they can easily consume with a single source-of-truth for every project.

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Project history

Remember what happened last week, and the week before...

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Tell writers who's reading their updates

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Target date

Avoid unrealistic deadlines in favor of understanding a team's confidence level

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See who, not just how many, are working on each project

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Highlight the outcomes each project is driving towards

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Linked projects

Make managing dependencies top-of-mind for every project owner

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Automated reminders

Remind project owners to share and stakeholders to react without lifting a finger

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Embed media

Woo your readers with video updates, presentations, and easy media uploads

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Org-wide format

Align all teams on the same foundational project questions

Give everyone access to real-time progress

Best practices

Learn from teams who’ve broken up with their spreadsheets

We’ve opened up Atlassian’s internal comms playbook, sharing the beliefs, rituals and techniques that helped Atlassian teams evolve from cross-team comms chaos to synchronized, simple comms rituals designed to move work forward. Learn more about the Loop project communications framework, no tool needed.

Integrate your comms and tracking

Team Central is built to complement however your team tracks work.

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Update stakeholders as soon as changes happen to your projects.

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Summarize project status across programs and quickly dive into project context.

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Deliver digests right to your channels and easily make status updates a ritual.

Status reporting doesn't have to waste everyone’s time. Try Team Central today.

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