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Bug Tracking Template

Report, track, and prioritize bugs.

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What is a bug tracking template?

Efficient bug management

Bug tracking is essential to efficient software development, ensuring that teams can identify, address, and systematically resolve issues. Atlassian's bug tracking template, powered by Jira, provides a comprehensive solution to streamline the project management and bug reporting process.

Structured format

Atlassian's new bug report and tracking template is a pre-designed structured format to help teams capture, track, resolve, and report bugs and issues throughout your entire software development process.

What does the bug tracking include?


Boards help bug tracking teams visualize, prioritize, and track issues to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Maintain a repository of all bugs alongside key details such as severity, version, and more. Assign and prioritize bugs straight from the backlog.

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Create an interactive timeline by adding epics and mapping work items, dependencies, and releases. Timelines keep your teams and stakeholders in sync.

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Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards in Jira Software offer critical insights within the context of your work to ensure your teams are always up to date and set up for success.

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Centralize bug reports

Track all your bugs in one place. Add context to each task with labels, custom fields, attachments, and more.

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Prioritize work

Squash bugs before they cause trouble by prioritizing and assigning tasks by urgency.


Optimized for debugging

Use a workflow created specifically for bug resolution — not feature development — to keep teams focused.

How to get started with the bug tracking template

This template uses Jira Software to quickly capture, assign and prioritize bugs.

Capture bugs

See all your bugs in one place. As bugs are identified in your products or services, the bug tracking template helps centralize issues in one place and ensures that all relevant details, including severity, screenshots, version, and other information critical to its resolution, are included.

Assign and prioritize

Quickly prioritize and assign each issue to team members in order of urgency and importance. Keep everyone aligned on each issue's status and ensure that the highest priority work is being tackled first.

Move bugs efficiently through the workflow

Move bugs forward efficiently with configurable workflows in the bug tracking template. Easily create different workflows for bugs versus other issue types so that your team can focus on managing and resolving bugs while your product team can focus on building new features.

Optimize team productivity

With a bug tracking template, product teams can maintain their focus on building new features, preventing unnecessary overlap, and ensuring a smooth and targeted progression of tasks. This strategic separation of workflows enhances overall team productivity by optimizing efforts based on the unique requirements of bug tracking and feature development.

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