Are these common myths about moving to the cloud stunting your company growth?

By mid-2020, 83% of companies were already up and running in the cloud. Which means if your systems are all on-premises, you may be falling behind. In fact, as far back as 2013, studies were already showing that cloud is a competitive advantage that can double revenue and profits.

Still, it’s easy to feel a little cautious (or even downright skeptical) about making a move. After all, some companies still believe on-prem is better for security, is more customizable, and has more apps. They worry about teams getting overwhelmed by the agile release schedules of Atlassian cloud. And because the cloud has been (and continues) improving at hyper-speed, concerns that were valid just six months ago are often obsolete long before the skeptics get the memo.

So, while it’s important to ask frank questions about cloud capabilities, security, and speed before committing to the switch, the good news is that most common concerns about cloud are outdated or just plain wrong. There was a time when cloud didn’t have as many apps, but that’s fast-changing. There was a time when security was a major concern, but now the tables have turned and research shows cloud is actually more secure than on-prem.

So, what’s truth and what’s myth when it comes to the cloud? Should you stay skeptical or is that skepticism holding your teams back? Here’s the truth behind some of the most commonly held misconceptions about cloud.

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Did you know? High performing DevOps teams are 24 times more likely to use the cloud, according to Google.

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