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From Monolith to Microservices

Jonathan Doklovic, Atlassian 

Ever wonder how Twitter scales to tens of thousands of nodes? Ever wonder how Apple's Siri can process commands with such low-latency? Ever wonder how Companies like Netflix and Yelp efficiently process massive amounts of data? Did you know that Atlassian HipChat is using the same technologies to re-envision how HipChat stores and manages it's message history?

In this talk, you'll learn how to use modern technologies like Docker, Apache Mesos and Cassandra to build a platform to reduce complexity, automate lighting fast deployments and take advantage of load balancing, service discovery, health checks and self-healing apps all while reducing the costs of cloud infrastructure.

We'll share our successes and failures and present a set of "best practices" that anyone can use to not only build a modern, self-sufficient micro-service platform but to also streamline the development process and ease the pain of deploying and managing applications. Whether your building a small-ish connect add-on or a large distributed application, you'll be able to put these learnings to good use immediately.