Atlassian EVV preview

Analyzing the economic benefits of improving work management with Atlassian

Executive summary

Organizations increasingly grapple with collaboration hurdles – frequent interruptions, dozens of disparate tools, information silos across each team and distributed workforces across time zones. This Economic Validation report performed by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group dives into these common challenges with the intent to shed light on the benefits organizations see after adopting a unified work management solution.

Inside this report, ESG highlights the impact Atlassian’s tools Jira, Confluence, and Atlas have on worker efficiency, project quality, and financial outcomes for organizations. Dive into the report and learn how customers using these tools saw significant benefits and increased revenue by at least one-half a percent per year due to adopting Atlassian’s work management solution.

Want to watch a discussion on the report? Check out our on-demand webinar with the analyst who wrote the report. 

Key takeaways

Customers saw a 25% reduction in length of projects and improved the number of overall projects by 10%

Customers improved customer satisfaction and reduced employee turnover by 10%

Customers reported a reduction in interruptions by 35% and spent 50% less time searching for information

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