Make DevSecOps part of your development workflow with Jira

Security is now as important as any feature you build. That’s why we’ve created Security in Jira - to bring all the vulnerabilities that your powerful security tools identify directly into Jira where you plan your work.

Software teams have to sift through a tremendous volume of vulnerabilities. Without a centralized location to navigate them, important vulnerabilities can get lost in the noise. Security in Jira makes DevSecOps a seamless part of your existing workflow, allowing you to manage and prioritize all your identified vulnerabilities in one place. 

We’ve partnered with leading security vendors Snyk, Mend, Lacework, Stackhawk, and JFrog to integrate their popular tools into Security in Jira and enable you to finally shift security left.

In this webinar, join Andrew Pankevicius and Daani Faiz, the Security in Jira product managers, for a live demo of our new Security in Jira capabilities and learn:

  • Why the best security tools require a centralized approach to manage vulnerabilities
  • How to integrate your security tools with Jira
  • How to triage vulnerabilities across tools using Security in Jira
  • How to effectively shift security left into agile planning rituals

If you’re not able to attend, feel free to register and we’ll send you a recording right after the session.


Andrew Pankevicius

Senior Product Manager

Daani Faiz

Product Manager, Atlassian