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Create a formal promotion letter to congratulate your employee.

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Employee promotion letter

Create a useful, formal employee promotion letter for any employee in your company. Promoting an employee is exciting and should be done professionally and effectively. It’s important to formally put the details of the promotion in writing. It should provide the key aspects of the new role in a transparent and consistent manner and be sent via email or mail.

There are key benefits of writing an effective employee promotion letter. It enables the human resources manager to personally thank the employee for the hard work and commitment to the company. It also provides an opportunity to clarify any details of the promotion. This template provides the most essential terms for an employee’s promotion.

How to use the employee promotion letter template

Step 1. Add the new employee’s legal name, new job title, and promotion effective date

To avoid confusion, you should begin the letter by congratulating the employee and adding their full name, new job title, and date when the promotion and new role will be in effect. This is particularly important if there are many employees with similar names. Additionally, job titles can also be similar so it is helpful to write out the full job title.

Step 1. Add the new employee’s legal name, new job title, and promotion effective date

Step 2. Thank the employee

Every employee wants to be appreciated and recognized for their hard work, skill set, and commitment to the company. Be sure to add any specific details about the employee that support the promotion.

Step 3. Include key details about the new role

Add any specific important details regarding the promotion, such as the salary (and how often it’s paid out) and who the employee will report to and in which department. Mention that the new supervisor will reach out to the promoted employee to discuss any new responsibilities and transition issues.

Step 3. Include key details about the new role

Step 4. Conclude with a congratulations

Take the time to again congratulate the employee for earning the promotion. Encourage the employee the ability to ask questions or bring up any issues should it be needed. Ending this way can make the employee feel appreciated.

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