How to get started with the ITSM template

Respond to requests, resolve incidents, address problems, and deploy changes fast.

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ITSM queue view Jira Service Management
Time sensitive ticket

Respond to requests quickly

Fulfill service requests faster than ever with features such as bulk actions. Automate approvals and how you assign responsibility for simple or repetitive tasks.

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Track and approve changes

Lighten the load with automated change risk assessments, advanced approval workflows, and integrations with CI/CD tools.

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Resolve incidents faster

Give the right people all the information they need to take action with features like on-call scheduling, alerts, and incident swarming.

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“We’ve really seen the value of being able to funnel requests into a central location, from both recording it to see trends and to streamline the workflow. It’s been a really positive cultural shift.”

Jeff Lai

Internal Infrastructure, Canva

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How to get started with the IT service management template

1. Set up your help center and portal Copy link to heading Copied! view +

The help center is where customers can submit requests and access your self-service knowledge base. Set up the welcome message, announcements, and layout.

2. Customize your request types Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Help customers and agents by using tailored request types, or even creating your own.

3. Organize your queues Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Align your queue with the way your teams triage and address requests.

4. Add agents Copy link to heading Copied! view +

It’s time to get the party started! Add agents to your service project team.

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