Support Services

Keep your systems running smoothly with access to highly-trained support teams and quick response times

Depth and breadth of experience

Direct access to highly-trained support engineers ensures high quality coverage for all issues. Our experienced support team has strong knowledge of all products, known issues and workarounds ensuring the quickest time to resolve your issues.


As you scale and experience growth in your Atlassian products, there will always be a support option for you. Choose the right service level and cost for your organization so you can make the most out of your implementation.

Initial response times

When issues arise in your Atlassian applications, response time matters. Our coverage SLAs provide initial response times, helping you better communicate to your users and resolve issues faster.

Flexible support offerings

Select Support

Select Support is included in your Atlassian license and active maintenance and ensures our support engineers are available during your business hours.

Priority Support

Atlassian Cloud

With Priority Support for Atlassian Cloud, get elevated levels of support to help you speed up issue resolution and keep your critical Atlassian Cloud systems running smoothly.

Priority Support

Atlassian Server

Priority Support for Atlassian Server ensures your mission-critical Atlassian Server and Data Center applications scale successfully.

Premier Support

Premier Support offers our highest level of support, including coverage for all of your Atlassian applications and 24/7 access to a team of dedicated senior support engineers.

Compare support offerings


Select Support Priority Support


Priority Support


Premier Support
Knowledge Base Articles and Support Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hours of Availability 9x5 9x5 Plus 9x5 Plus 24x7
Licenses Covered 1 Atlassian Access enabled products 1 All
Production Application Down Initial Response Time (L1) 2 hr 1 hr 1 hr 30 min
Serious Degradation Initial Response Time (L2) 6 hr 2 hr 2 hr 2 hr
Moderate Impact Initial Response Time (L3) 1 Business day 1 Business day 1 Business day 8 hr
Limited Impact Initial Response Time (L4) 2 Business days 2 Business days 2 Business days 24 hr
Weekend Coverage   L1 only L1 only All tickets
Support Team     Advanced team for L1 & L2 tickets only Dedicated senior support team for all tickets
Phone Support     L1 only All tickets
On-Call Upgrade Coverage       Yes
Onboarding & Application Health Checks       Yes

Included in your Cloud, Server or Data Center license and active maintenance

Included with Atlassian Access

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$5,000 per Server or Data Center license

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$35,000 per account

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*For more details, see our Documentation page.

“With Premier Support, we like that we receive a timely response and have assigned representatives. Premier Support has helped Cisco mitigate risk and reduce cost.”

Arunkumar Vijayakumar
Project Manager, Cisco

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