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The Art of PaaS: Lessons learned from running a platform for hundreds of microservices

Robin Fernandes, Atlassian

Connect has taken you on a journey to SaaS. Over the past few years, you've learned how running a service is deeply different from building a plugin. You've discovered tips, tricks and patterns to evolve your service while keeping it running 24/7. Now, you're managing not just one service, but a multitude – and perhaps you're wondering what needs to change as you head towards dozens or even hundreds of services.

At Atlassian, we've taken on this challenge with Micros, our internal Platform as a Service that helps developers across Atlassian easily deploy and run microservices in AWS. Running this platform involves constant decisions to strike the right balance between stability, progress, governance and flexibility. We'll tell you the lessons we've learned – both technical and non-technical – walking these tightropes.