AtlasCamp 2015

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Connecting Connect with Spring Boot and other new frameworks

Vincent Kok, Atlassian

As Atlassian Connect is the way forward for building add-ons on Atlassian Cloud, Spring Boot is the way forward for building Spring web applications. Now you can combine the best of both worlds with the new open source library: Atlassian Connect Starter for Spring Boot. This will get you bootstrapped with an Atlassian Connect add-on in just a few minutes. In this talk you will learn:

  • What is Spring Boot
  • What is a Spring Boot Starter and how they benefit you
  • How to use the Atlassian Connect Starter to easily build Atlassian Connect add-ons
  • The Atlassian Connect architecture and how it interacts with your add-ons

As a we will write a simple macro for Confluence and show how much time Spring Boot can save you.Also get an overview of some of the other new frameworks our community has been building.