AtlasCamp Sessions

Hundreds of developers team up at AtlasCamp, our developer conference, to enhance their skills, build successful add-ons, and network with the Atlassian developer community.

Watch announcements and replays of sessions from AtlasCamp 2016.

Automate Your Business with Connect

While many of our users get excited when they see the most popular cloud add-ons in the marketplace, few see the potential of a custom built add-on tailored to their business. With the connect platform now supporting more Atlassian products, it's possible to craft solutions that drastically reduce the number of manual tasks your workers have to do.

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Better Security for Your Cloud Add-ons

Join Atlassian’s Head of Security, Craig Davies, in this session and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a cloud security expert. Learn how Atlassian handles security for our cloud products and discover the three critical factors to consider when securing your cloud add-on. Lastly get the inside scoop on how Atlassian will help you self-assess your cloud instances.

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JIRA Service Desk APIs Unleashed

We are unleashing connect-capable APIs for JIRA Service Desk at AtlasCamp 2016. Come and learn about the opportunities to build on the fastest growing product in Atlassian's history and open your eyes to new markets in IT and customer support!

We'll dive deep into the APIs available today and take a look at those coming around the corner: from automation using REST APIs to webhooks, through to adding rich capabilities right into the Service Desk user interface. We'll also highlight the opportunities to make complementary add-ons and give you a taste of some of the creative things vendors are doing in this space.

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Confluence Connect is Prime Time

With the availability of a large number of new capabilities and increasing number of add-ons being built for Confluence Connect, now is the time to build Confluence add-ons and take advantage of the unfulfilled use cases in the Cloud. We've added APIs and enhanced macros however we've also introduced two new types of add-ons: Theming and Solutions. We'll cover each of these with the building blocks you'll need and examples of how to use them. We'll also show you how to integrate these types of add-ons with Confluence features to provide a great experience for users.

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Connecting Connect with Spring Boot and Other New Frameworks

As Atlassian Connect is the way forward for building add-ons on Atlassian Cloud, Spring Boot is the way forward for building Spring web applications. Now you can combine the best of both worlds with the new open source library: Atlassian Connect Starter for Spring Boot. This will get you bootstrapped with an Atlassian Connect add-on in just a few minutes. In this talk you will learn:

As a we will write a simple macro for Confluence and show how much time Spring Boot can save you.Also get an overview of some of the other new frameworks our community has been building.

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Getting the Most Out of the Marketplace

Discover how to automate add-on management, gain deeper customer insights, customize your add-on listings, and more. You will not want to miss this talk if you're a Marketplace vendor!

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Going BIG on Atlassian Connect and JIRA

Last AtlasCamp, we announced JIRA Software and JIRA Core, dedicated JIRA products for software teams and business teams. Since then, we've delivered key improvements like kanban backlogs and improved detail view for software projects, plus a new JIRA Software API to build powerful Cloud add-ons for software teams. We'll show new JIRA platform capabilities like custom fields and improved JQL integration. Finally, we'll talk about the BIG opportunities for developers as JIRA expands to every team in every company.

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HipChat Connect: Developer Platform for Conversational Apps

2016 will be the year of conversational commerce, and HipChat is leading the charge.

At the last AtlasCamp we announced we were working on a powerful new API for HipChat. HipChat Connect 1.0 is now ready for prime time, and many developers took advantage of this opportunity... with a raft of new add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace!

In this talk, the product manager for HipChat Connect will walk you the components of the HipChat Connect platform, best practices for developers, successful strategies for user growth as well as common pitfalls slowing adoption.

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New P2 Dev Loop... and More!

Hear the latest updates for the P2 plugin platform, including the new and improved dev loop. We'll also review how to do better diagnostics and explain transformation. Come prepared with your technical questions.

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Save Time by Writing Add-ons for Cloud and Server Simultaneously

In this session you'll learn how the team at Arijea writes code once and ships to both Server and Cloud simultaneously. On top of that you'll learn how you can improve your dev speed tremendously.

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Serverless Connect: Using AWS Lambda to Write an Atlassian Connect Add-on

While working with CI/CD vendors to build Atlassian Connect add-ons for Bitbucket Cloud, I noticed a pattern: every vendor wanted more than just Bitbucket Cloud, they wanted to integrate with multiple Atlassian products and for both Cloud and Server. I wanted to build my own Atlassian Connect add-on as a hub-and-spoke to help solve this problem. I knew that writing Connect add-ons is easy but I worried more about the operating overhead. So I build my own Connect add-on using AWS Lambda, and related services. Along the way I discovered why the architectural patterns of CQRS and Event Sourcing are well suited to integration problems, how to use AWS Lambda to implement those patterns, and what related AWS services complement Lambda for a Connect add-on.

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The Art of PaaS: Lessons Learned Running a Platform for Hundreds of Microservices

Connect has taken you on a journey to SaaS. Over the past few years, you've learned how running a service is deeply different from building a plugin. You've discovered tips, tricks and patterns to evolve your service while keeping it running 24/7. Now, you're managing not just one service, but a multitude – and perhaps you're wondering what needs to change as you head towards dozens or even hundreds of services.

At Atlassian, we've taken on this challenge with Micros, our internal Platform as a Service that helps developers across Atlassian easily deploy and run microservices in AWS. Running this platform involves constant decisions to strike the right balance between stability, progress, governance and flexibility. We'll tell you the lessons we've learned – both technical and non-technical – walking these tightropes.

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What's New in Bitbucket Cloud Connect

The talk will go over all the new features we've added to Bitbucket Cloud relevant to add-on developers. The list includes (but is not limited to):

For each of the new features, examples of really cool things that developers could do with them will be provided.

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UX Design for Developers

Learn basic user-centered design methods to develop your add-ons and validate them with cheap and easy user testing. Get an overview of Atlassian's design resources, then learn specific user experience gotchas with add-ons.

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