Game Plans

Go-to recommendations and examples for everyday situations

Not sure which plays to run? No worries. Game plans are collections of plays we recommend for specific purposes.

DevOps Culture


Workshops, exercises, and rituals that help build a DevOps culture. Because DevOps isn't one team's job. It's everybody's job.

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Project management activities

Project management

Whether you're a career project manager, or a project just landed on your plate, these plays will help you keep things running smoothly.

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Working as a cross-functional product team

Becoming a cross-functional product team

Four go-to plays that'll foster a culture of shared understanding, common goals, and strong momentum. 

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Transitioning from HR team to "people team"

HR team → People team

Build the deep collaboration muscles you need to collaborate with diverse HR functions and change your culture.

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Operational planning process

Operational planning

Improving your operational planning process doesn't require extra work – just better ways of working.

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