Effective operational planning

Turning strategy into an operational plan isn't about doing
more things right – it's about doing more of the right things.

Use this game plan to determine the most effective goals and related evaluation methods, assess your team’s capacity and bandwidth, and create a shared understanding of what will happen if there are more priorities than the team can take on

Top 4 plays for better operational planning

These four go-to plays will prompt the forethought and debate you need for a solid plan, while helping you avoid “analysis paralysis”. They involve the entire group so that each member will be able to self-regulate and re-align themselves in prioritizing what’s best for the team. 

graph with plotted points and 3 checkmarks in the upper left quadrant with a blue circular background

Prioritization Matrix

Assess your team’s workload and uncover what perhaps should have more resources and what should have less

4 lines with slider points in different locations on a blue circular background

Trade-off Sliders

If you can’t have everything you want--speed, quality, budget, etc, get shared alignment on what changes in decisions might cause you to give up.

project poster with a blue circular background

Project Poster

What a project’s about, why it’s happening, who’s responsible for what…these are good to know up front but also important to update as details change throughout a project.

telescope pointed up towards the stars in the dark blue sky

Objectives and Key Results

When everyone agrees on the same goals and the results that demonstrate success, it’s easier to determine what to spend your time on. 

also recommeded

Leadership Team Health Monitor

Delivering a great operational plan requires a healthy team of planners. Use the Health Monitor to self-assess against eight attributes common amongst high-performing teams, then track your progress over time. 

Gather your operational planning team for an honest discussion about how you're working together.


guided health monitor

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