Coordinating change management

When change "just happens", teams (especially support and IT) get caught in fire-drills, responding to customers without the preparation or information they need.

Use these plays for chaos-free change management. Bring the right people together and prepare a training and communication plan to manage any upcoming change.

Top 4 plays for change management

These plays provide "just enough" structure to rally the team and keep everyone on the same page. Use them to visualize and communicate why this change is important, and map out potential issues before it's too late.

Change Management

Change Management Kick-off

Don't kick things off with a meeting that could've just been an email. Use this play to craft an agenda that includes forming a problem statement, agreeing on guiding principles for rolling out the change, and crafting a communications strategy. You and your team will also decide on the sequence of events, as well as roles and responsibilities. Let's do this!

Different waves of communication

Stakeholder Communications

Open communication before, during, and after the change is critical to a successful roll-out. This play guides you through a robust communications plan that'll touch stakeholders, customers, and your team itself. You'll walk out with a matrix showing the who, when, and what communication channels you'll use.

Paper with a blue circular background

End-to-end Demo

This play is all about visualizing your proposed change management process and getting feedback on every stage. For best results, go into this activity with a growth mindset and don't get discouraged when gaps or problems are pointed out. Don't hate, just iterate!

three circles intertwined

Dependency Mapping

Any change complex enough to need change management is bound to have a pile of dependencies to sort through. Why not start by mapping them out? You'll work with your team to identify the systems or people affected, brainstorm risks, and understand how they're all connected so you can form a plan to manage it all. 

also recommeded

Project Team Health Monitor

Use the Health Monitor to self-assess against eight attributes common amongst high-performing teams, then track your progress over time.

Gather your product team for an honest discussion about how you're working together.


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