Moving from an HR team to a People team

Cross-functional people teams that include talent and recruiting specialists, business partners, and rewards managers are the future of HR. But new ways of managing dependencies and making decisions across functions can feel awkward at first. 

Here are four go-to plays that'll help you build the deep collaboration muscles you need to get work done and change your culture.

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Top 4 plays for becoming a people team

Help diverse HR functions collaborate closely for the first time so your projects aren't mired in a clusterf*ck.

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Project Poster

A project poster helps you articulate why the project fits with your broader strategies. You'll also think through the problem you're trying to solve, assumptions you're making, and envision what the solution might look like. 

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As a cross-functional team, you'll now have to take more diverse factors into account when making decisions. Use this play to determine what each person's role is in the decision-making process and lay out the various options you're considering.

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Experience Canvas

Get a 360° view of the experience you want to create for employees or prospective candidates. You'll map out who the project is for, why it's valuable, how you'll measure success, the minimum viable experience, and more.

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Roles and Responsibilities

The more you're working cross-functionally, the more important it is to understand where each team member fits in, as well as identify any overlaps or skill gaps you'll need to fill. 

also recommeded

Project Team Health Monitor

Use the Health Monitor to self-assess against eight attributes common amongst high-performing teams, then track your progress over time.

Gather your project team for an honest discussion about how you're working together.


Team Project Product

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