Recruitment template

Monitor candidates and potential hires from application to offer. 

Recruitment board view on Jira Work Management


Recruiting teams have their hands full screening resumes, tracking candidates through the interview pipeline, making offers, and managing the negotiation process. The recruitment template helps recruiters track candidates while centralizing all the relevant details like scheduling and paperwork.

Recruitment template

Jira Work Management
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• Recruiting
• HR

Project types

• Company-managed

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How to get started with the recruitment template

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1. Add and track candidates

Each issue on the board represents a candidate, so everyone on the team can quickly view what stage each candidate is in the interview process. Customize the issue workflow to reflect the unique stages of your team’s interview process. For example, you may want to create “Interview 1,” “Manager Interview,” and “Final Round” for reach round.

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2. Centralize all related documents

Keep everyone up to speed on the latest by storing related documents, tracking interview dates, and sharing notes in the issue view. This might include a resume, references, cover letter, and their portfolio. You can also use internal comments to loop in other members of the team.

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3. Customize your interview process

The recruitment template is flexible and can adapt to your recruiting team’s unique process. For teams that frequently have openings in a role, an alternative approach is to create an issue for each role and use the subtasks to track candidates. 

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