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Discover how delivers value with global impact with this Atlassian template bundle.


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Global innovation

Discover how delivers value with global impact with this Atlassian template bundle.

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Software development

What's included

1 pre-configured Jira project template

Jira, Confluence

2 third-party integrations: Slack & Github

Be inspired by's way of working

This template bundle is based on how uses Atlassian tools to create localized computer science courses in over 67 languages and support the education of young learners in over 180 countries. It includes a pre-configured Jira project and Confluence space so you can skip the setup and hit the ground running.

What does the global innovation template include?

Design and develop

Features a pre-configured, team-managed scrum project template featuring five issue statuses.

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Organize and communicate

Keep all of your documentation, policies, and long-term plans in one neat space.

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Get started fast

Get pre-configured projects, workflows, and automation with just a few clicks.

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Connect your entire workflow

Trust Jira to bring it all together with dedicated tools for every team from idea to impact.


Learn from the best

See how the best in the business use Atlassian products to reach their goals.

How to get started with the global innovation template

Plan and build with Jira

This bundle includes 1 pre-configured Jira team-managed project template. It is a scrum project. New to scrum? Check out this scrum tutorial.

This project is ideal for smaller companies looking for a simple, straightforward workflow. It includes 5 pre-configured issue statuses: Not started, In progress, Blocked, Awaiting review/tests, and Resolved. Issue statuses are represented on the board; drag-and-drop issues from one status to another as work is completed. To manage statuses, go to:

  • Project settings
  • Board
  • Columns and statuses
Organize & document work with Confluence

This is your team’s single source of truth for organizing, ideating, and planning long-term goals.

Collaborative editing enables your team to ideate together; documentation can be maintained by everyone; sharing updates with stakeholders is simple.

New to Confluence? Here are some starter links:

Check out Confluence’s templates. There are dozens. They can help get you started with a new project, guide you through strategic planning, ensure documentation consistency across teams... (and many, many other capabilities!)

Jump into the product:

  • Create new spaces or view all spaces by selecting Spaces in the top navigation menu.
  • Create pages within your space by selecting Create in the top navigation menu.
3rd-party integrations

This bundle includes automatic installations of GitHub and Slack


Integrate GitHub with Jira to see your team’s branches, commit messages, pull requests, builds, and deployments right in the context of the Jira issues you’re working on.

You may have to set up GitHub. Go to:

  • Apps (top menu bar)
  • Manage apps

GitHub will appear as a user-installed app. (Slack will appear as system.)

Learn more about integrating GitHub with Jira.


Integrate Slack with Jira to receive Slack notifications when issues are updated, or when releases are approved, and create issues right in Slack (and many more possibilities). To connect Jira to Slack, go to:

  • Project settings (left-side menu)
  • Apps
  • Slack integration

For more info, read: Integrate Slack with Jira

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