Data Center Licensing and Pricing

Our FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing and pricing. Of course, if you would like to talk to us directly, please contact our Enterprise Sales Team.

Data Center Term Licenses

What is Data Center? Show

Data Center is a deployment option providing high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications. Our Data Center offering is available for Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, and Crowd. Please see our Data Center information page for more details.

How do I trial Data Center? Show

You can trial Data Center clustering by downloading some or all of our Data Center products (Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, or Crowd) and creating a new Data Center trial license in My Atlassian to enable active clustering. 

What does Data Center cost? Show

See the table below to learn more about how Data Center pricing is determined for our products.

Jira Software Data Center 価格:

Confluence Data Center 価格:

Bitbucket (旧 Stash) Data Center の価格:

Jira Service Desk Data Center の価格:

Crowd Data Center 価格:

Data Center は、ノード数にかかわらず、Data Center インスタンスあたりの年間契約ライセンスです。Data Center のライセンスは Server ライセンスのような永久利用ライセンスではなく、有効期限のある期間ライセンスとなります。

初回の年間契約期間後に Jira Software、Confluence、Bitbucket、Jira Service Desk、Crowd Data Center の利用を継続するには、Data Center 期間ライセンスを更新する必要があります。更新料は、必要なユーザー階層の新規ライセンスを購入する場合と同じです。ユーザー階層に基づく価格設定については上の表をご覧ください。

500 ユーザーの Data Center ライセンスをアップグレードすると、既存のライセンスに 1,000 ユーザーが追加されるのではなく、選択した 1,000 ユーザー分にアップグレードされます。たとえば、Jira Software Data Center の 500 ユーザーのライセンスを所有している場合に 1,000 ユーザーにアップグレードした場合、インスタンスにアクセスできるユーザー数は 1,500 ではなく 1,000 です。

How do apps work with Data Center? Show

Data Center approved apps are available through the Atlassian Marketplace. These apps are purpose-built for Data Center environments; tested and verified to live up to Data Center-specific standards for performance, scalability, and reliability.

In each app's listing page, use the drop-down selection to verify a Data Center approved app exists.

Please note: we do not have specific dates for when an app will be available, please periodically check the app for an update or contact the app vendor for more information.

I have a Single Server license, what does it cost to move to Data Center? Show

If your existing Single Server license is still under active maintenance, you’ll be able to upgrade to Data Center at a discount.

Jira Software Server から Data Center に移行する場合の費用

Server から
Data Center へ
10 不特定 なし
25 不特定 $1,120
50 不特定 $2,080
100 不特定 $3,840
250 500 $7,600
250 不特定 $7,600
500 500 $5,720
500 不特定 $11,440
2,000 不特定 $14,000
10,000 不特定 $17,520
無制限 無制限 $20,960


Confluence Server から Data Center に移行する場合の費用: 

Server から 
Data Center へ 


10 不特定 なし
25 不特定 $880
50 不特定 $1,600
100 不特定 $2,960
250 500 $5,680
250 不特定 $5,680
500 500 $3,300
500 不特定 $8,880
2,000 不特定 $10,480
10,000 不特定 $13,360
無制限 無制限 $16,320


Bitbucket Server から Data Center へ移行する場合の費用:

Server から 
25 $1,160
50 $2080
100 $3,800
250 $7,600
500 $10,120
1,000 $14,000
2,000 $27,920


Jira Service Desk Server から Data Center へ移行する場合の費用:

Server から 
3 利用不可
5 $960
10 $1,880
15 $2,880
25 $4,160
50 $7,600
100 $12,640
250 $20,240
無制限 $26,160


Crowd Server から Data Center に移行する場合の費用:

Server から
100 $760
500 $1,392
501+ $4,656



Will I still have access to my Server license after I upgrade to Data Center? Show

Yes. Your server license will still be available on and will continue to work.

Once you upgrade a Server license, any maintenance on this license will no longer be automatically renewed and you will not receive invoices to renew your maintenance. If you wish, you can manually renew your maintenance for an upgraded Server license on

Will my Server apps work when I upgrade to Data Center? Show

When upgrading to Data Center, it is advised that you also upgrade to any available Data Center approved apps at that time. Data Center customers will be required to move to Data Center approved apps, where available, upon their next Server maintenance renewal window after the date of September 2, 2019. Customers may continue to use their existing Server app license but will not be able to renew maintenance after this date."

For more information visit the Data Center approved apps licensing and pricing page.

Are there end-user feature differences between the single Server and Data Center deployment options? Show

No. The Data Center deployment option has the same end-user features as our single Server products. However, there may be differences in administrative features.