Capture for JIRA

Find and fix issues anywhere, faster

Capture for JIRA is an essential tool for every development team delivering quality software. Enable your team to give rich, thorough feedback quickly and consistently.

Bugs are easier to reproduce when they have been raised with Capture for JIRA. Engineers can spend their time fixing issues, rather than trying to reproduce them from incomplete reports.

Who uses Capture for JIRA?

  • Teams
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Quality engineers
  • Everyone
JIRA Capture was built for teams

Team oriented

Every member of a team is responsible for quality. That's why Capture for JIRA was designed so that all stakeholders – product owners, developers, designers, quality engineers, and even users – can improve product quality by quickly raising detailed issues.

JIRA Capture was built for developers

Developer loved

Capture for JIRA provides developers with complete bug reports that include all the necessary information to quickly reproduce any bug. Developers can even customize Capture for JIRA to automatically collect the application specific information they'll need.

JIRA Capture was built for designers

Designer friendly

Designers pour their heart into the experience of a product, giving them a unique perspective to spot issues overlooked by other team members. Capture for JIRA allows designers to communicate visually to the engineering team – a win for everyone. 

JIRA Capture was built for quality engineers

Quality obsessed

Quality engineers play the crucial role of providing feedback on every aspect of the product from the perspective of a customer. Capture for JIRA empowers quality engineers to move nimbly thoughtout any project, and give rich, experience-based feedback in minutes.

JIRA Capture was built for everyone

User focused

The most successful companies dogfood their own products to ensure fully engaged, team-wide participation in finding issues and improving product features. Capture for JIRA makes it easy for everyone in your organization to raise issues and provide feedback anytime, anywhere. 

Continuous feedback loop

  • Reproduce
  • Capture
  • Annotate
  • Improve
JIRA Capture was built for fast replication

Fast replication

The faster an engineer can reproduce a bug, the closer he or she is to fixing it. Capture for JIRA logs standard variables such as URL, browser information, and screen resolution, and can be customized to record any other application-specific information needed by the product team.

JIRA Capture was built for instant screenshots

Instant screenshots

To streamline the reporting process, Capture for JIRA optionally captures a screenshot and includes it with issue submissions so there's never any doubt where the issue occured. Additional screenshots can be added to provde even more detail. 

JIRA Capture was built for actionable annotations

Actionable annotations

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an annotated screenshot is worth a million. With Capture for JIRA you can quickly highlight problem areas, obscure sensitive details, enter notes, and add to-dos, all from the convenience of your browser window.

JIRA Capture was built for adaptable workflow

Adaptable workflow

Every team has unique values within their testing culture. By allowing teams to create and share custom templates with pre-populated fields, Capture for JIRA gives each organization the ability to shape the product to serve their specific testing needs.

Exploratory testing

  • Test
  • Record
  • Grow
JIRA Capture is great for collaborative testing

Collaborative testing

Take exploratory testing to the next level. Testing in teams allows you to locate more issues and deliver a better product. Capture for JIRA harnesses the power of the team through recording all session details for fast replication later.

JIRA Capture is great for automated recording

Automated recording

Bring transparency to the testing process with Capture for JIRA. It records all notes, screenshots, and issues raised during a test session in the activity feed. Quickly view and filter all test session activity by issue, project, or individual.

JIRA Capture is great for quantitative growth

Quantitative growth

Agile is all about growth. Capture for JIRA helps agile teams improve the quality of their releases over time by providing reports on the number, type, and source of bugs raised in each version. 

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