Capture for Jira is now a member of the Zephyr family. Click here for additional details.

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Zephyr takes the reins of Capture for Jira

We're excited to announce that Zephyr has taken over the ownership, development, and support of Capture for Jira. Zephyr is the maker of a number of products focused on helping teams build high quality software, including Zephyr for Jira, a top-selling Atlassian Marketplace app.

We believe Capture for Jira will thrive under Zephyr's ownership. They have a proven track record in the software testing space and Capture for Jira aligns well with their strategic focus on quality and testing for all types of software and IT teams. Zephyr plans to bring new capabilities to Capture for Jira customers, including video capture, a browser extension for Edge, and a deep integration with Zephyr for Jira.

For additional questions or concerns about this transition, please see the FAQ below.


Does this affect both Cloud and Server versions of Capture for Jira?

Yes. Zephyr is the new developer and vendor for both the Cloud and Server versions of Capture for Jira.

Will the app remain on the Atlassian Marketplace?

Yes. Zephyr has a long history of developing successful Marketplace apps and Capture for Jira has become one of these offerings. Zephyr for Jira, Zephyr’s most popular app, is a top-selling app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

What do I need to do as a customer?

Current customers don't need to do anything as a part of this transition. Specifically, the price of Capture for Jira will not change, the billing will remain the same, and any open support cases will continue to be handled by Atlassian. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to Zephyr directly:

Will my billing change?

No. As Zephyr is an existing Atlassian Marketplace vendor there is no need for you to update anything. Customers will continue to receive invoices from Atlassian.

Whether you get a separate bill or a bill that includes Capture for Jira with other Atlassian products or Marketplace apps, Capture for Jira will continue to be included in the same bill you’ve always received.

Will support change?

A big part of this decision was Zephyr's excellent customer service. We've worked closely with Zephyr to ensure this is a smooth transition for all customers and that every customer continues to receive timely technical support. As of November 13th, 2017, Zephyr has taken over support of Capture for Jira.

All open support cases will continue to be handled by Atlassian and any new support requests should be filed here:

For Atlassian's Premier Support customers, you can still contact Atlassian with any critical issues for Capture for Jira for the remainder of your current Premier Support subscription. Atlassian's support team will work closely with Zephyr to resolve your issue.

Will my price change?

There are no pricing changes to Capture for Jira as a part of this transition.

I bought Capture for Jira as part of the Atlassian Stack. How is this affected?

Upon your next renewal Capture for Jira will no longer be part of the Atlassian Stack. However, it will be included in your renewal as an optional line item to ensure you don't lose support for Capture for Jira.

The price of the Atlassian Stack won't change as part of the transition of Capture for Jira.

Additional questions?

Ask them on the Atlassian Community!