End of week status report template

by Atlassian

Let team members share how things are going at the end of the week.

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End of week status report

It’s important to measure your success in terms of results rather than how many hours you put into your work week. While a daily report has too little data, a weekly report provides a timely encapsulated view of progress made over each week. It can also help keep projects on track and provide an opportunity to note areas where help or more focus is needed. This report should be brief and concise for establishing a consistent communication with team members and managers.

How to use the end of week status report template

Step 1. Focus on the wins

Take some time to think about the results or progress you made this week on particular projects, with other team members, or cross-functionally. Add links to developments in projects or @ mention those who helped in your success. Go ahead, it’s okay to brag!

Step 1. Focus on the wins

Step 2. Note areas that need more input

Inevitably, there will be parts of projects or work efforts where you’ll need more guidance. Whether it is finding the right person to answer questions or give direction, or a few links to another document that can help, it’s important to communicate your needs to aid you in getting the job done successfully.

Step 3. Mention specific areas of focus for the coming week

Focusing on a few particular efforts for the following week can help you jumpstart your Monday. This can be unfinished tasks, new projects, or time set aside to brainstorm on new or existing goals. You can then measure your progress by matching them to last week’s areas of focus to measure progress. And you can add special notes of things discussed with your manager as well as helpful links for the future.

Step 3. Mention specific areas of focus for the coming week

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