1-on-1 meeting template

by Meetical

Run 1-on-1 meetings and maintain productive working relationships.

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1-on-1 meeting template

Effective 1-on-1 meetings require the right balance between short-term and long-term priorities. You need to take care of urgent issues and blockers while staying on top of your goals. Use the 1-on-1 template to keep conversations flowing with everyone you regularly work with. You can use the template before, during, and after recurring 1-on-1 meetings to guide discussions and keep track of information.

How to use the 1-on-1 meeting template

Step 1. Add information before the 1-on-1 meeting

Save time during your meeting by organizing information beforehand. Start by adding the basics like the date and time of your next meeting. Then share the page with the person you’re meeting with. Before you two meet, you should both edit the page to add discussion topics and questions about anything you’re working on.

Step 1. Add information before the 1-on-1 meeting

Step 2. Run the 1-on-1 meeting

You’re all set to meet now that you have all the information you need in one place. Kick off the meeting in a fun, relaxed way and open the floor for questions. Then review the page together and discuss the questions and topics you added. You can quickly add comments and action items without disrupting the flow of the conversation.

Step 3. Follow up on action items

After you meet, go back to the page and review the comments and action items you left. Check off action items as you make progress. Before your next meeting, create a new page and use the 1-on-1 template again. Leverage the information you learned from this meeting to add new discussion topics and questions for the next meeting.

Step 3. Follow up on action items

Meetical's mission is to enable and support organizations to put both effective and efficient meetings into practice. We help companies to develop a highly motivating and cooperative meeting culture.

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