Indeed’s HR, Marketing, and Legal teams work more efficiently using Jira Core




Indeed has 23 offices in 13 locations worldwide.


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Launched in 2004, Indeed has become the world’s leading website for connecting job seekers to opportunities and employers to opportunities. Indeed is the #1 job search engine in the world, at

As Indeed grew, its Program Management team was tasked with solving process issues across the enterprise. The group had been responsible for increasing speed and efficiency for Engineering through customized Jira workflows. “We started using Jira in Engineering for our software development projects, so we knew how powerful it was to implement for process problems,” says Renee Trepagnier, Director of Program Management at Indeed. She believed the company’s nontechnical organizations could benefit from Jira as well.

To help the business teams get work done as efficiently as possible, Program Management implemented Jira and applied best practices learned from software projects. Says Trepagnier: “We started solving problems through Jira in functional areas like Marketing, Legal, HR. We asked ourselves, ‘How are we doing this in Engineering? What’s the simplest solution?’”

The team set up custom issue types and workflows. For example, Design uses Jira to manage requests for graphics. The Jira Core workflow ensures there’s consistency and oversight for the design that’s used everywhere, from sales decks to blog posts and t-shirts.

“For the Legal team, we use Jira to highlight issues that need legal review, such as new product developments and changes and expansion into new global markets,” says Trepagnier.

Meanwhile, HR needed a better, more efficient way to track personnel details; too much of that information lived in email. To do this, PM cleverly equated Jira issues types to users. “In HR, we use custom issue types in Jira to represent people when we need to add, change, or remove someone from our systems,” says Trepagnier. Now, Jira enables HR to easily record information about new hires, employee role changes, and much more for accurate tracking.

Jira offers power and flexibility, solving unique process problems for technical and business teams across the company. Marketing, Legal, and HR teams use Jira Core for custom, streamlined workflows that improve efficiency, tracking, and visibility. And Engineering is now faster and more efficient with Jira Software.

“To drive rapid velocity, we always chose the path of least resistance,” says Trepagnier. At Indeed, the simplest, most effective solution is Jira.

To learn more about Indeed’s use of Jira and how to implement it for your business teams, watch their presentation.


We started solving process problems through Jira in other functional areas like Marketing, Legal, and HR… Jira has helped us model best practices in all the functional areas where we work.— Renee Trepagnier, Director of Program Management, Indeed