Opsgenie 知道问题对业务服务的影响,会帮助您主动向所有相关利益者传达中断问题。您可以在服务中断之前进行规划,让 Opsgenie 在事件发生后立即发送消息、创建状态页面和会议桥。尽量不让团队分心,专心寻找解决方案。

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Call routing

Opsgenie 让您能够将警报与受到影响的业务服务对应起来,清楚了解哪些团队需要响应、谁需要了解事件解决的最新进展。同时通知不同的团队,为他们提供协作解决问题时所需的工具。

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Auto attendant

Setup an auto attendant to help respond faster to a customer’s needs. Calls can be routed to different people or teams based on the caller's input (press 1 for network team, press 2 for ...)

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Complete tracking and analytics

Call metrics are tracked from beginning to end. All activity including when the call is received and how it is routed as well as who answered and how long it lasted can be included in your metrics.

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Local phone numbers


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Call escalations

Opsgenie can try multiple users until someone answers the phone. You can specify the order of users or let Opsgenie pick someone randomly. Opsgenie only connects the caller, when a live person answers the phone by requesting the user to press a key.