Sync Jira with your git provider

Developers do their best work in focus mode and updating work can sometimes be an unwanted distraction. Using automation rules such as this one, you can ensure that developers can stay in code mode but Jira will still be up to date and the central source of truth.

In this rule, when a Pull Request is merged, if the status is 'In Review' and there are no open pull requests, automation will transition the issue to 'done' and add value to the audit log. 

Syncing Jira to git products
The automation recipe
The automation recipe

Step 1: Choose your trigger

Every rule starts with a trigger. In this case, it will be the ‘Pull request merged’ trigger. Whether you use Bitbucket or a third party tool like GitHub or GitLab - you will need to link the accounts first. Learn how to do that here. You only have to do this setup once, the first time you create a DevOps rule.

Choose pull request merged

Step 2: Add your condition

A condition refines the rule so it won’t act too broadly. Here, we add the ‘Issue fields’ condition, specifying that status is ‘In Review’

Adding issue fields condition

Step 3: Add JQL condition

Now, we add another condition. The Issue fields condition is easier to use but the JQL condition can get much more granular. This time we are going to choose the JQL condition to do just that.

We use JQL here to tell automation to ensure there are no open pull requests still to do. The JQL for this in our case is development[pullrequests].open = 0

Adding JQL condition

Step 4: Add ‘Transition issue’ action

The action we want to choose here is to transition the issue to ‘Done’.

Adding ‘Transition issue’ action

Step 5: Add another action

You can add multiple actions. In this case, we simply want to add a value to the audit log as we might want to use this in a later rule. Here we use a smart value: {{issue.key}} has been merged.

Adding log action

Step 6: Test it!

It is best to test rules like this out on a free personal instance of Jira first or in a sandbox to ensure everything is running smoothly. As ever, follow the audit log for breadcrumbs of all activity.

The automation recipe

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