Atlassian Open DevOps third-party integrations

A pillar of Atlassian Open DevOps is the ability to integrate with the tools you have now, and the new tools you’ll inevitably acquire in the future. Automate your code from test to production with Bitbucket Cloud’s built-in CI/CD tool, Bitbucket Pipelines, or choose CI/CD partners like CircleCI or Jenkins. If it's security scanning you need, you can integrate a security scanning tool that works for your team. Need feature flags? There are a number of good options. Grab the one you like best, and integrate it into your tool stack.

Using Snyk to integrate security checks into your deployment workflow

Learn integrated security with Snyk in Bitbucket.

Using Launch Darkly feature flags with Bitbucket pipelines

Learn how to use Bitbucket pipelines and Launch Darkly feature flags.

Using Split feature flags with Bitbucket pipelines

Wrap related code changes in a Split feature flag.


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