We’ve updated the terms that apply to your use of the Atlassian Marketplace. These terms will replace the previous Marketplace Partner Agreement. To learn more about these changes, please review the Summary of Changes.

Atlassian Marketplace Partner Agreement

This Atlassian Marketplace Partner Agreement (this “Agreement”) is a binding agreement between Atlassian Pty Ltd (ABN 53 102 443 916) (“Atlassian”, “we” or “us”) and the individual or entity registering as a vendor or partner in the Atlassian Marketplace (“Marketplace Partner” or “you”). If you are an individual using the Atlassian Marketplace on behalf of your company, organization or other entity (for example, as an employee), then “you” means your entity and you are binding your entity to this Agreement.

Under this Agreement, you appoint and authorize Atlassian, as your commercial agent, to promote, sell, test and distribute Marketplace Apps (as defined below) on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and Atlassian accepts such appointment. Before clicking to agree to this Agreement, please carefully read the terms and conditions below. The Atlassian Marketplace is not intended for and may not be used by anyone under the age of 16.

This Agreement does not have to be signed in order to be binding. You indicate your assent to the terms of this Agreement by (i) checking the box (or similar action) to accept the Agreement that is presented to you at the time you sign up to list your products on the Atlassian Marketplace or (ii) by submitting any Marketplace App to the Atlassian Marketplace.

Atlassian may modify this Agreement from time to time, subject to the terms in Section 18 (Agreement Changes) below.

1.Introduction to the Atlassian Marketplace

The Atlassian Marketplace is a forum for connecting partners who make Apps for Atlassian products with potential end users. Apps can be written using the Atlassian Platform and can be written for use with Atlassian’s downloaded software or cloud products. As a partner, you may charge a fee for your Apps and designate whether end users may order your Apps through Atlassian’s ordering and license management system (in which case revenue sharing will apply) or directly from you (in which case there will be no revenue sharing with Atlassian). You may also offer your Apps free of charge under certain circumstances.

2. Key Definitions

2.1. “Atlassian Marketplace” or “Marketplace” means or any other webpage, application, interface, service or in-product experience at which Atlassian makes available or lists Apps and any other location that allows for the discovery, download or purchase or Apps (such as Atlassian’s Universal Plugin Manager).

2.2 “Atlassian Marks” means the trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos owned or otherwise used by Atlassian. Nothing contained herein shall grant you any ownership right in the Atlassian Marks or any other Atlassian intellectual property.

2.3. “Atlassian Platform” has the meaning given in the Atlassian Developer Terms.

2.4. “End User Data” means any data, content or information of an end user that is accessed, collected or otherwise processed by you or your App in connection with use of the Atlassian Marketplace.

2.5. “End User Privacy Policy” means a legally adequate privacy policy provided to each end user from whom you or your App collects, accesses, or otherwise processes End User Data.

2.6. “End User Terms” means a legally adequate agreement governing end user use of your Apps.

2.7. “Marketplace Apps” or “Apps” means cloud and downloadable applications, plug-ins or extensions that are designed to interoperate with Atlassian’s own software and cloud offerings (through use of the Atlassian Platform) and that you deliver to Atlassian or make available through the Marketplace, as further described in Section 3.1 (Types of Apps). “Apps” also include any New Versions of existing Apps.

2.8. “Marketplace Discount Programs” means the current Marketplace discounts listed at our Marketplace Discount Programs on the Partner Portal. Updates to Marketplace Discount Programs may be communicated to you from time to time via the Atlassian Developer Community, the Partner Portal or the Marketplace Guidelines.

2.9. “Marketplace Guidelines” means the terms, rules and policies that Atlassian makes available at and other Atlassian web properties describing the Marketplace, which set forth certain requirements (as may be modified by Atlassian from time to time) for including your Marketplace Apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. Our marketplace brand guidelines are part of the Marketplace Guidelines and are located here.

2.10. “New Versions” means any enhancements, upgrades, updates, bug fixes, patches, new versions and other modifications and amendments to your Apps.

2.11. “Partner Portal” means the online platform made accessible to Marketplace Partner by Atlassian on which Atlassian from time to time will communicate program details and changes, and provide sales tools and services, to Marketplace Partner. The URL of the portal is: (as amended from time to time by Atlassian). You can access the Partner Portal by activating your applicant status under ‘Validate your status’ on the Partner Portal landing page.

2.12. “Revenue Share” means the revenue based on the Marketplace Partner’s Sale as displayed at the applicable Revenue Share page on the Partner Portal at the time of the Sale in accordance with Section 4.2 (Revenue Share) below.

2.13. “Security Incident” means any actual or suspected (a) unauthorized access, acquisition, use, disclosure, modification, loss or destruction of End User Data in the possession or control of you or your agents or contractors (whether intentional or accidental), (b) security vulnerability or compromise of your App or (c) issue involving your App that materially degrades Atlassian systems or networks.

2.14. “Similar Service” means, in relation to Paid-via-Atlassian Apps, any online distribution service or channel (other than the Atlassian Marketplace) that makes such Apps available for sale, use or download to end users and/or channel partners, including any website or other distribution method operated by you.

3. Using the Marketplace to Publish Your Apps

3.1. Types of Apps. Currently, the Atlassian Marketplace allows you to offer the following types of listings for Marketplace Apps. You designate your listing type using your vendor account on the Atlassian Marketplace (subject to approval by Atlassian), based on the options below:



"Software Apps"

Apps that are downloadable by end users from the Atlassian Marketplace and designed to run in end user instances of Atlassian products behind the end user’s firewall.

Software Apps include any “Server” or “Data Center” deployments of your Apps, and Data Center approved Apps (learn more about Data Center approved Apps here.)

"Cloud Apps"

Apps that are designed to be used with Atlassian’s hosted services, such as Atlassian’s Cloud offerings.

“Forge Apps” are Cloud Apps or components thereof that are developed using the Atlassian Forge Framework and hosted by Atlassian on Marketplace Partner's behalf.

All other Cloud Apps are hosted by Marketplace Partner or its agent.

Listing Options: Free and Paid


“Free Apps”

Apps that you provide free of charge, which may be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace or from your external website, in all cases under circumstances specified by Atlassian. Free Apps may be either Software Apps or Cloud Apps.

“Paid-via-Atlassian Apps”

Apps for which end users pay all fees to Atlassian (with Marketplace Partner receiving a Revenue Share as described in this Agreement, and Atlassian receiving the Revenue Share from end users as Marketplace Partner’s commercial agent.) Paid-via-Atlassian Apps may be either Software Apps or Cloud Apps. You must use Atlassian’s licensing mechanisms (see Section 6.4 regarding the Migration API) for all Paid-via-Atlassian Apps. For Paid-via-Atlassian Apps that are Software Apps, end users will receive license keys from Atlassian.

“Paid-via-Vendor Apps”

Apps for which end users pay all fees to Marketplace Partner (not Atlassian). Paid-via-Vendor Apps may only be Software Apps for Server deployments. Paid-via-Vendor Apps may not be Cloud Apps, Data Center approved Apps, or any Apps you develop using Atlassian Connect, unless Paid-via-Atlassian Apps is not available for that product or is otherwise permitted by Atlassian in writing. For Paid-via-Vendor Apps, you provide your own license keys directly to the end user. Depending on the settings you select, end users will either download these Apps directly from you or will be able to download the Apps from Atlassian before navigating to your website or otherwise contacting you directly to purchase license keys.

4. Financial Terms

This Section 4 (Financial Terms) shall only apply to Paid-via-Atlassian Apps.

4.1. List Price.

(a) Generally. Subject to the remainder of this Section 4 and the other terms of this Agreement, you have discretion to set the commercial pricing tiers for initial sales, licenses or subscriptions to your Paid-via-Atlassian Apps (the “List Prices”). Atlassian will determine the pricing for renewals, upgrades that add more licenses/end users, New Versions and other support and maintenance (“Follow-on Sales”), all in accordance with its standard formulas and policies. “Sale” includes any initial or renewal sale, subscription or license of a Paid-via-Atlassian App (or related content or services) through the Atlassian Marketplace, including any Follow-on Sales.

(b) Marketplace Discount Programs. Notwithstanding Section 4.1(a), if you are participating in our Marketplace Discount Programs, eligible end users may purchase your Paid-via-Atlassian App at the applicable discount to the List Price as described in our Marketplace Discount Programs page. Certain Marketplace Discount Programs apply automatically and are required for all Apps as described on such page. Separately, Atlassian may offer discounts from List Price for Sales through Atlassian Partners as described in Section 4.9 (Sales through Atlassian Partners and Your Channel Partners).

(c) Similar Services. Subject to Section 4.9 (Sales through Atlassian Partners and Your Channel Partners), you agree that any List Price may not exceed, at any time, the lowest list price or suggested retail price for each applicable pricing tier for the Paid-via-Atlassian App (including any similar edition, version or release) available on any Similar Service or the lowest actual price at which you make such Paid-via-Atlassian App available for sale through any Similar Service. You will update the List Price for each Paid-via-Atlassian App as necessary to ensure that it meets the requirements of this Section 4.1(c).

4.2. Revenue Share. Subject to this Agreement, for each Sale, except as otherwise expressly agreed by Atlassian in writing, Atlassian will pay you the applicable Revenue Share for the Sale. Such amounts exclude taxes and any separately stated fees or charges. A Revenue Share is due only for Sales for which Atlassian has received final payment from or on behalf of an end user. If an App is sold to an end user using a credit card, final payment will be deemed to have occurred when the applicable credit card company or bank has fully settled the payment for the applicable purchase. The current Revenue Share pages are available at and may be amended from time to time by Atlassian. Any changes or updates to the Revenue Share will be effective 30 days after notice.

4.3. Currency Conversion. Unless otherwise specified in the Marketplace Guidelines, you will designate your List Price in United States Dollars (USD) and Atlassian will make all Revenue Share payments to you in USD. In certain non-United States countries, Atlassian may, in its discretion, list your Apps and make Sales to end users in currencies other than USD. In this case, your USD denominated Revenue Share payment may fluctuate, and Atlassian will make the applicable currency conversions for your Revenue Share payment in accordance with documentation on the Marketplace Developer website and communications to you.

4.4. Payment by Atlassian. Subject to the terms of this Agreement (including the remainder of this Section 4), approximately thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar month in which the applicable Sale is made, Atlassian will pay you the Revenue Share due to you and provide you with a report that gives further information about your Sales of your Paid-via-Atlassian Apps. You agree to provide Atlassian with information on a valid bank account in your name, and Atlassian will make payments to that account via Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”). Atlassian is entitled to accrue and withhold payments, without interest, until the total amount due to you (net of any tax withholding, as further described below) is at least US$500.00 (or equivalent). You agree that any fees charged by your bank in connection with wire transfers pursuant to this Section 4.4 are solely your responsibility.

4.5. Refunds; Withholding of Revenue Share. Atlassian may issue refunds of the applicable Sale amount (or portions thereof) to end users or Atlassian Partners in its sole discretion. If Atlassian issues a refund prior to paying you the Revenue Share for the applicable Sale, then you agree and acknowledge that you will not receive and will have no right to receive a Revenue Share on that portion of the Sale amount that was refunded. In addition, if Atlassian pays you a Revenue Share on a Sale and later issues a refund or credit to the end user for such Sale (or receives a chargeback related to the Sale), Atlassian may offset the amount of the Revenue Share that Atlassian previously paid you against future Revenue Share or other amounts that would otherwise be payable to you under this Agreement, or require you to remit that amount to Atlassian. Atlassian may also withhold and offset sums you owe to Atlassian against amounts that are payable to you. When this Agreement terminates, Atlassian may withhold all Revenue Share due for a period of sixty (60) days from the date they would otherwise be payable, in order to ensure Atlassian’s ability to offset any end user refunds or make any other offsets to which Atlassian is entitled.

4.6. Use of Certain Information. Atlassian shall only use your banking and payment information for purposes related to this Section 4 (Financial Terms). Atlassian shall not disclose your sales and related financial data to third parties except agents and contractors acting on Atlassian’s behalf and except as required by Laws. The foregoing sentence notwithstanding, Atlassian may use or disclose aggregated sales and other financial data related to the Atlassian Marketplace, which may include your sales and related financial data but does not identify you or your data specifically.

4.7. Taxes. Except as described in this Agreement (including Section 4.8 for GST Registered Marketplace Partners), Atlassian is responsible for collecting and remitting any taxes imposed on sales of Paid-via-Atlassian Apps to end users. You are responsible for any income or other taxes due and payable resulting from Atlassian’s payments to you. Accordingly, unless otherwise stated, the amounts due to you hereunder are exclusive of any taxes that may apply to such payments. Atlassian maintains the right to deduct or withhold any applicable taxes payable by you from amounts due from Atlassian, and the amounts due, as reduced by such deductions or withholdings, will constitute full payment to you. For Marketplace Partners in Australia, if you do not provide Atlassian with your ABN number, then Atlassian has the right to withhold the top applicable tax rate from its Revenue Share payments to you.

4.8. Marketplace Partners Required to Register Under Australian GST Rules. Notwithstanding any conflicting terms above in this Section 4, if you are a Marketplace Partner that is registered or required to be registered under the Standard Australian Goods and Services Tax registration (“GST”) (“GST Registered Marketplace Partner), prior to Atlassian’s payment to you, you acknowledge that you are required to issue a tax invoice to Atlassian to comply with Australian GST rules. However, in the interests of administrative simplicity, you and Atlassian agree that Atlassian will issue recipient created tax invoices (“RCTIs”) for taxable supplies made under this Agreement (together with the report and payment described in Section 4.4) and that you will not issue tax invoices for those supplies. For the purposes of issuing RCTIs, both parties acknowledge that they are Standard GST Registered Vendors and will notify each other if that ceases to be the case. Notwithstanding this Section 4.8 with respect to RCTIs, you acknowledge that you remain responsible for filing a GST return and passing any GST received (including GST received from Atlassian in connection with the RCTIs) onto the Australian Tax Office in accordance with your individual circumstances.

4.9. Sales through Atlassian Partners and Your Channel Partners. Atlassian has a network of partners who are authorized to resell licenses or subscriptions to Atlassian products (each, an “Atlassian Partner” as described here). You hereby acknowledge that, unless you opt out from allowing Atlassian Partners to resell your Paid-via-Atlassian Apps, Atlassian Partners will be entitled to purchase your Paid-via-Atlassian Apps at a discount to the List Price for resale or provision to end users, with the amount of such discount determined at Atlassian’s sole discretion and set forth in the Partner Portal, not to exceed twenty percent (20%) of the List Price. If you make a Paid-via-Atlassian App that is listed in the Marketplace available to a third party channel partner on a Similar Service at a discount to List Price, you may do so without violating Section 4.1 (List Price) above, as long as such discount does not exceed the discount available to the same third party channel partner in the Atlassian Marketplace. Atlassian Partners’ discounts may be communicated to you from time to time via the Partner Portal or the Marketplace Guidelines. If you opt out from allowing Atlassian Partners to resell your Paid-via-Atlassian Apps, then you may not offer such products at a discount to List Price to third party channel partners on a Similar Service.

5. Your Content; License to Atlassian; End User Licensing

5.1. Delivery

(a) Apps and Product Information. Subject to Section 5.1(b) (Cloud Apps), you will deliver Marketplace Apps to Atlassian on or prior to the initial availability date you designate for the Marketplace App (the “Initial Availability Date”). Together with delivery of each Marketplace App, you will also provide the following information and materials: (a) Marketplace App title, Initial Availability Date, category, Marketplace Partner name, List Prices (if applicable), product description, icon, logo or banner images, security and privacy information, and any other information related to the Marketplace Apps that Atlassian requires; (b) the metadata, graphics, artwork, images, trademarks, trade names, logos and other descriptive or identifying information and materials associated with you or a particular Marketplace App that you wish to appear in connection with your App; and (c) your End User Terms and End User Privacy Policy ((a)-(c), collectively, “Product Information”). Together, the Marketplace Apps and Product Information are “Content”.

(b) Cloud Apps. Your delivery obligations in Section 5.1(a) (Apps and Product Information) apply fully to Forge Apps. For Cloud Apps that are not Forge Apps, you are not required to deliver the App itself to Atlassian, but will provide Atlassian with a JSON descriptor (atlassian-connect.json) of the Cloud App, which will be deemed Product Information under Section 5.1(a).

5.2. Accuracy. You are responsible for providing accurate Product Information. If any Product Information is inaccurate or needs to be updated or modified, you will promptly provide Atlassian with corrections, updates, or modifications.

5.3. Compliance. You will ensure that all Content complies with this Agreement, including Atlassian’s Marketplace Guidelines (which are hereby incorporated into this Agreement). However, this Agreement will control in the event of any direct conflict with the Marketplace Guidelines or any additional policies included or referenced in the Marketplace Guidelines. In your activities under this Agreement, you also agree to comply with the Atlassian Acceptable Use Policy (as may be modified from time to time by Atlassian) (the “AUP”).

5.4. License Grant to Atlassian. You hereby grant Atlassian, during the Term (and thereafter in accordance with Section 11 (Term and Termination)), the nonexclusive, royalty-free (subject to payment of any applicable Revenue Share), worldwide right and license:

(a) to resell, distribute or make available (including via download), as applicable, the Marketplace Apps through the Atlassian Marketplace to end users (either directly or, unless you opt out, through Atlassian Partners) by all means of electronic distribution available now or in the future, except that this subsection (a) shall not apply to (i) Paid-via-Vendor Apps that you choose to make available for download directly from your website instead of from Atlassian or (ii) Free Apps available for download only from your own website;

(b) to use, reproduce, distribute, reformat, create excerpts from, promote, advertise, transmit, and publicly display and perform the Product Information (and any such excerpts) in any and all digital and other formats for promotional purposes in connection with (i) the Atlassian Marketplace and (ii) listings for your Apps;

(c) otherwise to use, store, copy and distribute your Content (i) for testing and evaluation (including scanning for Viruses, as defined in Section 12.6) conducted by Atlassian and its third party vendors; (ii) for purposes of exercising Atlassian’s rights and fulfilling Atlassian’s obligations hereunder; and (iii) for purposes of enforcing this Agreement and the Marketplace Guidelines;

(d) to use your Apps for Atlassian’s own business purposes internally, within the scope for which the App’s use is reasonably intended (“Internal Use License”). The Internal Use License applies to both Cloud Apps and Software Apps, but only applies to Software Apps in object code form. Marketplace Partners may opt out of the Internal Use License by giving Atlassian notice thereof to

5.5. License Clarifications. The licenses granted to Atlassian in Section 5.4: (i) include rights to distribute, promote and make available New Versions to eligible end users, (ii) include the right, as described in Section 11 (Term and Termination), to continue to retain and make available Apps and Product Information to existing end users after the Term, and (iii) are granted under all applicable intellectual property rights (including patent rights).

5.6. End User Terms. You, not Atlassian, license your Apps to end users, and you must provide your own End User Terms and End User Privacy Policy with any Marketplace App. Your End User Terms and End User Privacy Policy must comply with, and be consistent with, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including Section 8.4 (End User Data and Privacy-Related Obligations). You agree that Atlassian does not and will not have any responsibility or liability related to compliance or non-compliance by you or any end user under the applicable End User Terms or End User Privacy Policy. In addition, unless otherwise specified in the Marketplace Guidelines, the license you offer for any App for use with an Atlassian Server Product (as opposed to Cloud or Data Center) must be perpetual.

5.7. Partner Portal. During the Term, Marketplace Partner may use the Partner Portal to access Marketplace Guidelines, Atlassian Marks, marketing tools and services, and other Marketplace resources. Marketplace Partner may use such resources solely to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. To access the Partner Portal, Marketplace Partner may be required to activate or validate its status as a Marketplace Partner, as further specified on the Partner Portal landing page.

6. Delivery Commitments and Responsibilities related to End Users

6.1. Delivery Commitment. You will deliver electronically to Atlassian (and continue to make available during the Term) all versions of Apps for which you have the rights required under this Agreement. You will deliver any New Versions to the Marketplace Apps, together with any related Product Information, as soon as they are available. For Paid-via-Atlassian Apps, you must deliver to Atlassian all of the same versions and editions of such App (including New Versions) that you or your affiliates make available directly or indirectly through any Similar Service, by no later than the first date you permit the corresponding version or edition to be listed for sale on any Similar Service.

6.2. Cloud Apps. For Cloud Apps, subject to Section 11.3 (Effect of Termination; Transition) you must also deliver all Product Information to Atlassian and make the Cloud App (including any New Versions) available to Atlassian and Marketplace users on a hosted basis at least until the conclusion of any paid terms or subscriptions of all end users who have purchased such Apps. For clarity, neither this Section 6.2 nor Section 6.1 (Delivery Commitment) changes Section 5.1(b) (Cloud Apps).

6.3. End User Support. You will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide telephone, web-based and/or email support to the end users for your Marketplace Apps during normal business hours (except in the case of Free Apps, where you must provide the support you promise to end users). You will provide to Atlassian a current email address to which Atlassian may direct inquiries from end users regarding your Marketplace Apps. You are solely responsible for providing all support for your Marketplace Apps, and for providing to end users of your Marketplace Apps all information necessary for their use of your Marketplace Apps. At a minimum you agree to respond within 24 hours to any support request that Atlassian identifies as critical, and in all other cases within five business days of request from an end user or Atlassian.

6.4. Migration of Marketplace Partner End Users into Atlassian Marketplace. You may contact Atlassian at in the event you desire to migrate your existing end users into the Atlassian Marketplace to manage future license management and renewals. If authorized by Atlassian, you will be provided access to Atlassian’s migration API (“Migration API”) pursuant to which you will enter the license information and details necessary for you to utilize the Atlassian Marketplace licensing mechanism for applicable end user. In connection with your use of the Migration API, you agree to only request license keys for your existing end users that began their respective license or maintenance period more than thirty-one (31) days prior to the date such license key is requested.

7. Reservations of Rights

As between you and us, you retain all right, title and interest in and to Content that you deliver to us, excluding the Atlassian Platform or other Atlassian technology or materials used or included in the Content. Subject to your foregoing rights in the Content, Atlassian retains all right, title and interest in and to the Atlassian Marketplace, Atlassian Platform, all Atlassian products, and all technology, content, information, services, trademarks and other intellectual property used in connection with the foregoing.

8. Additional Atlassian Marketplace Terms

8.1. Prohibited Actions; Responsibilities. You may not reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile any Atlassian code or technology used in connection with the Atlassian Marketplace, including the Atlassian Platform. You will not take any action that interferes with, damages, or accesses or uses in any unauthorized manner the hardware, software, networks, technologies or other properties or services of Atlassian or of any end user or other third party. You agree not to make any representations, guarantees or warranties (1) that violate any laws or regulations, including any false advertising or consumer protection laws, (2) with respect to Atlassian, the Atlassian Marketplace, or Atlassian’s product or services, or (3) by Atlassian or on behalf of Atlassian, including with respect to handling of Security Incidents. In all activities under this Agreement, you agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner and not to disparage or devalue Atlassian or the Marketplace.

8.2. Review of Marketplace Apps by You. The Atlassian Marketplace allows you to post reviews of Marketplace Apps offered by other vendors. Any review by you of a Marketplace App shall be made in good faith after reasonable evaluation of the full Marketplace App. You (including your employees and others acting on your behalf) may not review or comment on your own App or those of competitors. As an exception, you may provide informational responses to support requests or other inquiries directed to you within the reviews or comments section of your App. All reviews must comply with Atlassian’s AUP, and Atlassian (in its discretion) may take down reviews or block reviewers in event of a violation of the AUP.

8.3. Atlassian Marketplace Operations. Atlassian maintains sole discretion to determine all features and operations of the Atlassian Marketplace. You acknowledge that Atlassian has no obligation to promote, distribute, list or offer for Sale any Marketplace App, or to continue to do so. With respect to Paid-via-Atlassian Apps only, Atlassian is responsible for and has sole discretion related to processing payments, collecting payments, addressing requests for refunds, and providing customer service related to its obligations, and, for clarity, all Sales through the Atlassian Marketplace will be processed by Atlassian’s payment systems and will be subject to the Revenue Share terms above. Atlassian will have sole ownership and control of all Sales and other data Atlassian obtains from end users in connection with the Atlassian Marketplace, but will make available certain End User Data (as defined below) to you, subject to Section 8.4.

8.4. End User Data and Privacy‐Related Obligations.

(a) End User Data. An end user may enable you or your Apps to access End User Data. Based on the activities under this Agreement, Atlassian may provide you with access to End User Data.

(b) Collection and Use. You must obtain all necessary rights, permissions, and consents from end users for your access, collection, storage, transmission, treatment, use, disclosure, sharing, and other processing of any End User Data, and will ensure that all such processing complies with your End User Terms, End User Privacy Policy, and all Laws. If you retrieve End User Data directly from Atlassian (e.g., end user contact information) via Atlassian-provided APIs, portals or other similar means, you must limit your access and processing of such information to that (a) authorized by the end user or (b) necessary for the purposes of providing the functionality of your App. You may not sell any End User Data. Atlassian shall not be liable for, or have any responsibility in connection with, End User Data processed by you or your App, and such activities with regard to End User Data are not in any way by or on behalf of Atlassian.

(c) End User Communications. You may use End User Data to communicate directly with end users only where required by Law or as consented to or requested by the end user. But you may not send marketing messages to end users within any user experience integrated with Atlassian Products without Atlassian’s express written consent.

(d) End User Terms. You must ensure end users agree to your End User Terms, which must comply with all Laws and clearly describe how the platform quotas and limits for Forge Apps or any other applicable usage limits may impact an end user’s use of your Apps.

(e) End User Privacy Policy. You must provide a clear, complete, and conspicuous End User Privacy Policy that notifies end users (1) how you access, collect and process End User Data, (2) with whom you share End User Data, (3) in which country or countries the End User Data will be stored and (4) that you (not Atlassian) are responsible for your processing of End User Data, along with other disclosures required by Laws. You must comply with the terms and conditions of your End User Privacy Policy, and promptly notify end users and Atlassian of any material changes to it.

(f) Security. You must use industry-standard security measures appropriate for all End User Data and your processing activities, adequate to preserve End User Data’s confidentiality and security and comply with all Laws. You will also comply with any security, coding practices, authentication, encryption, or other requirements for Apps in the Security Requirements. You agree to remediate all security vulnerabilities identified to you by Atlassian within the timeframes described in the Security Requirements.

(g) Security Incidents. Upon discovery or notice of any Security Incident, unless prohibited by Laws, you will promptly (within 24 hours) notify Atlassian via the ticket creation link at App Security Incident Management Guidelines. Your notice will provide Atlassian information about the Security Incident and how it may affect Atlassian Products, end users or End User Data, and you agree to provide further information and assistance related to the Security Incident described in the Marketplace Guidelines or as Atlassian may request. Without limiting your other obligations, in event of a Security Incident, you will be solely responsible, at your own expense, for investigation, remediation and your own notifications to affected end users and regulatory authorities in accordance with Laws and industry standards. However, you must obtain Atlassian’s approval for any breach notifications to end users that refer directly or indirectly to Atlassian. You must ensure that you have an updated contact name and contact information in your developer account for Security Incidents. Without limiting any other reserved rights of termination or suspension, Atlassian may de-list your App from the Atlassian Marketplace or suspend use of or access of your App to Atlassian products as a result of any Security Incident.

(h) Security and Privacy Review. Atlassian, or an authorized third party selected by us, may conduct a security or privacy review of any App or its supporting infrastructure to ensure compliance with (i) your obligations under Section 8.4 or (ii) security and privacy related sections of the Marketplace Guidelines. Security and privacy reviews may include, without limitation: information requests to you, reviews of your documentation, interviews, security testing, technical testing and reviews, code reviews and scans (which may reverse engineer binary code), event logging, network testing, and vulnerability threat assessments. In addition, Atlassian reserves the right to request that you provide the source code for your App, but solely for the purpose of Atlassian conducting security and/or privacy tests. You agree to reasonably and promptly cooperate with such requests and reviews of your App and/or your App’s supporting infrastructure (in the case of Cloud Apps). Atlassian (itself or through third parties) may conduct new or additional App security scans beyond those described in this Section 8.4(h), in which case Atlassian will provide you at least 15 days prior notice and you may choose to opt-out of such scan with notice to Atlassian.

(i) Bug Bounty Programs. Atlassian also manages bug bounty programs using third party service providers from time to time, as described at Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program. If you choose to participate as described at such link, you give Atlassian the right to review your Marketplace Apps in the bug bounty programs.

8.5. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions. You acknowledge that you develop and offer Apps through Atlassian via its Marketplace, and therefore you agree to strictly comply with all U.S. export controls and economic sanctions laws and regulations in connection with these activities. You also acknowledge that Atlassian and others may lawfully rely on your determination of your Marketplace App’s export control status. Thus, you hereby represent, warrant, and certify that: (1) your Marketplace Apps are authorized for export from the United States and re-export to each country to which you permit them to be distributed or made available through the Atlassian Marketplace, in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, 15 C.F.R. Part 730 et seq.; and (2) either (i) the Marketplace Apps do not contain, use or support any data encryption or cryptographic functions (“Encryption Technology”) and have Export Control Classification Number (“ECCN”) EAR99 or (ii) you have qualified each Marketplace App containing, using or supporting Encryption Technology for export as a “mass market encryption item” having ECCN 5D992 in accordance with 15 C.F.R Part 742.15(b)(2), as an item eligible for License Exception ENC pursuant to 15 C.F.R Part 740.17(b)(1) having ECCN 5D002, or as an EAR99 item and will, upon request, provide Atlassian with a copy of the applicable self-classification report or mass market export classification ruling (CCATS), if applicable, issued by the United States Commerce Department, Bureau of Industry and Security. You further agree to comply with any and all ongoing export-control and reporting obligations, if applicable, related to any of your Marketplace Apps. You agree to indemnify Atlassian of any claim brought against Atlassian for violation of any export-controls or economic sanctions law or regulation related to your Marketplace Apps. You represent, warrant, and certify to Atlassian that you will comply with all applicable export control and economic sanctions laws and regulations.

8.6. Feedback. Providing feedback, comments or suggestions about the Atlassian Marketplace (“Feedback”) to Atlassian is wholly voluntary. Atlassian may freely use Feedback for any purpose.

8.7. Aggregated Information. In addition to Atlassian’s other rights, Atlassian may collect aggregated information regarding the Atlassian Marketplace and Marketplace Apps (excluding any personally identifiable information). We will not provide information to any third party about Marketplace Apps, or end users purchasing Marketplace Apps, except as necessary for us to perform our obligations under this Agreement, or otherwise provide the products or services to our end user under the applicable Cloud Terms of Service, Atlassian Software License Agreement or our other applicable customer agreements.

8.8. App Programs. Atlassian offers certain programs under which (i) Marketplace Partners may self-certify or (ii) Atlassian may approve that Marketplace Partners, or their Apps, meet certain standards for end user adoption, support, security and/or other criteria (“App Programs”). Atlassian’s current App Programs are described here. We encourage you to read more about them and the qualifying standards for Atlassian App Programs.

(a) To participate in an App Program, you must complete an application, provide any additional information requested by Atlassian and/or follow the instructions given in the Marketplace Guidelines (such as on the Marketplace Programs page). You represent and warrant that all information you provide to Atlassian will be accurate and complete. Atlassian may disclose such information to end users and other third parties in connection with administering the App Programs and the Marketplace.

(b) Atlassian may decide in its sole discretion whether to approve a Marketplace Partner for an App Program. If a Marketplace Partner is approved, Atlassian may authorize the Marketplace Partner to use the related badge or other related marketing assets. Participation in any App Program, including use of badges and marketing assets, is subject to the policies specified by Atlassian from time to time. You understand that Atlassian may flag, revoke or downgrade any Marketplace Partner certification, approval or badge at any time based on end user complaints, Marketplace Partner’s failure to meet App Program standards, Marketplace Partner’s failure to comply with Atlassian policies or the Marketplace Guidelines, or otherwise in Atlassian’s discretion. Further, Atlassian may rebrand, modify or discontinue any App Program, badges or related marketing assets at any time.

(c) App Programs are designed to assist Marketplace Partners in communicating certain standards and business practices to end users of Apps, and Atlassian administers the App Programs only as a convenience for Marketplace Partners and end users. Marketplace Partner remains solely responsible for its Apps and their quality, sufficiency, security and support, notwithstanding Atlassian’s approval, if granted, for a Marketplace Partner to participate in an App Program or use any badge. Without limiting its obligations in Section 8.1 or elsewhere in this Agreement, in no event will you state or imply that Atlassian endorses, sponsors or guarantees your Apps.

9. Atlassian Control of Marketplace

Atlassian may determine in its sole discretion to make available or list any Marketplace App through the Atlassian Marketplace, or to remove any App from the Atlassian Marketplace. Atlassian may stop any transaction, or take other actions as needed to restrict access to or availability of any Content that does not comply with this Agreement or that otherwise might adversely affect end users. Inclusion of a Marketplace App in the Atlassian Marketplace does not relieve you of responsibility to ensure the Marketplace App complies with this Agreement or to perform other obligations under this Agreement.

10. Atlassian Developer Terms

Marketplace Apps can be written or developed using the Atlassian Platform (as described in the Atlassian Developer documentation), and the development of Apps is subject to the separate Atlassian Developer Terms (including any product-specific terms incorporated therein). The Atlassian Developer Terms govern your use of the Atlassian Platform and the creation and operation of Apps (or “Add-ons”) generally, while this Agreement contains terms specific to the Marketplace and any Apps you choose to submit to the Marketplace. Nothing in this Agreement changes the Atlassian Developer Terms (including any referenced policies or API call limits) or limits any of Atlassian’s rights to Forge Apps in the Forge Terms, and you and your Apps must continue to comply with the Atlassian Developer Terms. However, in the event of a direct conflict between this Agreement and the Atlassian Developer Terms, this Agreement will govern with respect to activities on the Marketplace.

11. Term and Termination

11.1. Term. The term of this Agreement (the “Term”) will begin on the date you agree to it in the manner set forth in the third paragraph of this Agreement and will continue until you or Atlassian terminates it.

11.2. Termination Rights.

(a) Either Atlassian or you are entitled to terminate (i) this Agreement, in its entirety or with respect to particular Apps, and (ii) access to your account with thirty (30) days advance written notice to the other party. In addition, either party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the other party if (1) the other party becomes the subject of a petition in bankruptcy or other proceeding relating to insolvency, or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, (2) the party breaches its confidentiality or privacy related obligations under this Agreement, or (3) infringes or misappropriates the terminating party’s intellectual property rights.

(b) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, immediately upon notice to you (or with the notice specified by Atlassian at the time), Atlassian may also terminate this Agreement (and/or terminate or suspend either your account on the Marketplace or this Agreement with respect to any particular Apps) under the following circumstances: (i) Atlassian ceases to operate the Marketplace, (ii) you violate Atlassian’s AUP, (iii) Atlassian suspends or terminates the Atlassian Developer Terms as relates to you or your App(s), or (iv) Atlassian determines (in its discretion) that your participation in the Marketplace could result in legal or business liability to Atlassian or any third party or otherwise harm the Marketplace or other Marketplace partners or users.

11.3. Effect of Termination; Transition.

(a) Pending Orders; Transition Period. Following any termination or expiration of this Agreement or withdrawal of your App from the Marketplace, (i) in Atlassian's discretion, Atlassian may continue to fulfill any end user orders for Apps pending as of the date the termination takes effect, and (ii) Atlassian will use reasonable efforts to take down the listing for your App within forty-five (45) days after the effective date of termination (or, if specified by Atlassian, within the same period after notice of termination) (the “Transition Period”). Atlassian may also retain copies of your Content after termination or expiration of this Agreement, or withdrawal of your App, for its own record-keeping purposes.

(b) End User Rights. Unless otherwise specified by Atlassian, all end user licenses and subscriptions to Apps (including any related support or maintenance periods) will survive termination or expiration of this Agreement in accordance with the applicable End User Terms. As such, Atlassian may continue to make available any Apps for further access, downloads or re-downloads by existing end users of those Apps for the duration of their applicable license, subscription or maintenance term (including after the Transition Period) (the “Surviving Term”), either directly or through Atlassian Partners.

(c) Your Transition Obligations. If you are a Marketplace Partner of Paid-via-Atlassian Apps, then prior to expiration of the Transition Period (and otherwise in a timely manner) you are responsible for doing the following, consistent with Atlassian’s guidance and instructions:

(1) for Cloud Apps, making the App (including any New Versions) available to Atlassian and Marketplace users on a hosted basis at least until the conclusion of any Surviving Terms for all end users who have purchased such Apps;

(2) taking all actions necessary to move existing end users with Surviving Terms to your non-Atlassian license mechanism, including, as applicable: (i) providing an equivalent product that integrates to Atlassian applications without the use of Atlassian Connect, (ii) contacting end users and providing access, installation and migration instructions, and equivalent license terms and key, and/or (iii) providing end users with data migration tools and migration assistance;

(3) arranging to provide for ongoing support and maintenance (including New Versions) with respect to your Apps for all end users who have purchased such rights for the duration of the term for which you have committed to provide such support and maintenance; and

(4) communicating such matters accurately and in a positive and professional manner to end users.

For the sake of clarity, after termination, you are not obligated to provide any New Versions of your terminated App to Atlassian for distribution under this Agreement thereafter, but Atlassian’s post-termination rights in this Section 11.3 will apply for the latest version of the App you provided to Atlassian hereunder (and any prior version).

11.4. Survival. The following sections of this Agreement will survive termination or expiration of this Agreement and any Transition Period: Sections 4 (Financial Terms), 5.2 (Accuracy), 8 (Additional Atlassian Marketplace Terms) (excluding your participation in any App Program or use of related badges), and 10 (Atlassian Developer Terms) through 20 (General).

12. Representations and Warranties

You represent, warrant and covenant that:

12.1. You are at least 18 years of age and are able to form a legally binding contract. If Marketplace Partner is a business or other legal entity and not an individual, then the individual entering into this Agreement on Marketplace Partner’s behalf represents that he or she has all necessary legal authority to bind Marketplace Partner to this Agreement;

12.2. You have the full right, power, and authority to enter into and fully perform this Agreement;

12.3. Before providing Atlassian any Content or listing Content in the Atlassian Marketplace, you will have obtained the rights necessary for the exercise of all rights granted under this Agreement and to end users in relation to the Content, and you will be solely responsible for and will pay any licensors or co‐owners any royalties or other monies due to them related to such Content;

12.4. None of the following will violate any Law, contain any defamatory material, or violate or infringe any intellectual property, proprietary, or other rights of any person or entity (including contractual rights, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade dress, trade secret, common law rights, rights of publicity, or privacy, or moral rights): (i) the exercise of any rights granted under this Agreement; (ii) the Content; (iii) the sale or distribution of the Content as contemplated in this Agreement; or (iv) any notices, instructions or advertising by you for or in connection with any Content;

12.5. You will immediately notify Atlassian if you lose any IP rights related to your Marketplace Apps or become aware of a third party claim related to these rights;

12.6. Your Content will not contain any viruses, spyware, “Trojan horses,” or other “malware” or harmful code (“Viruses”), and will not cause injury to any person or damage to any property; and

12.7. You will include any attributions, copyright information and other notices, terms and conditions that may be required to be provided to end users (e.g., as part of your End User Terms) based on your use of third party “open source” software or other third party intellectual property in any App. You will also promptly make available to Atlassian, end users and any other third party that is entitled to it, the source code corresponding to any App or portion thereof if required, and in the manner required, by applicable third party terms and conditions. Atlassian’s use (in any manner as permitted hereunder) of any Content will not subject it to, or cause it to violate, any open source or other third party terms or agreements of any kind.

13. Indemnity

13.1. By Atlassian. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement: (1) Atlassian shall defend a Marketplace Partner of a Paid-via-Atlassian App from claims by third parties alleging that the Atlassian Marketplace itself, when used in connection with such App, infringes such third party’s United States, European Union, or EU member state registered copyright or trademark and (2) Atlassian shall pay damages finally awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction against such Marketplace Partner for such a claim or, if Atlassian settles the claim, the settlement amounts. Atlassian’s obligations in this Section 13.1 apply only to the Atlassian Marketplace itself and not to any Marketplace Apps, the Atlassian Platform, other Atlassian products or services, or other third party content hosted on or used with the Atlassian Marketplace, and in any case Atlassian’s obligations do not apply if the alleged infringement, misappropriation or violation resulted from any modifications, combinations, or unauthorized use of the Atlassian Marketplace. As a condition to Atlassian’s obligations under this Section 13.1, you must provide Atlassian (i) prompt written notice of the claim (and in any event notice in sufficient time for Atlassian to respond without prejudice), (ii) the exclusive right to control and direct the investigation, settlement and defense (if applicable) of the claim, and (iii) all reasonable necessary cooperation. This Section 13.1 sets forth Atlassian’s sole liability and your exclusive remedy with respect to third party claims of intellectual property rights infringement.

13.2. By You. You will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Atlassian and its subsidiaries (including its respective affiliates, officers, directors, employees, contractors and assigns) from and against any loss, claim, liability, damage, action or cause of action (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of any third party claim relating to (i) any Content or the use of Content (including any claims made by or arising from end users), (ii) your breach or alleged breach of this Agreement, or (iii) any Security Incidents caused by your Apps or third party services supporting your Apps (individually, a “Claim,” and collectively, the “Claims”). In any defense or settlement negotiations, you will keep Atlassian apprised of all relevant developments, including the choice of counsel. Atlassian may participate in the defense or settlement of any Claim at its own expense. You will provide Atlassian with reasonable notice of any judgment entered against Atlassian or any settlement terms offered to settle a Claim and you will not consent to the entry of a judgment or settle a Claim without Atlassian’s prior written consent, which we may not unreasonably withhold. If you do not promptly assume and reasonably conduct the defense of a Claim or take reasonable action to settle any such Claim after being provided with sufficient reasonable advance notice to evaluate the Claim, then Atlassian may take control of the defense (without limiting your indemnification obligations). Your obligations under this Section 13.2 are independent of your other obligations under the Agreement.

14. Atlassian Confidential Information

14.1. Definition. All information disclosed by Atlassian that is marked as confidential or proprietary or that you should reasonably understand to be confidential or proprietary is “Confidential Information”. Confidential Information includes non-public aspects of the Atlassian Marketplace and Atlassian’s applications; non-public aspects of third-party applications listed in the Atlassian Marketplace to which you obtain access as a result of the relationship between you and Atlassian under this Agreement; non-public End User Data provided to you by Atlassian; and non-public technology, technical information and product plans to which you obtain access as a result of the relationship between you and Atlassian under this Agreement. Confidential Information shall not include any information that: (i) is or becomes generally known to the public; (ii) was known to you before its disclosure hereunder; or (iii) is received from a third party, in each case without breach of an obligation owed to Atlassian or anyone else.

14.2. Your Obligations. During and after the term of this Agreement, you shall (a) maintain Confidential Information in confidence (using at least the same measures as for your own confidential information, and no less than reasonable care) and not divulge it to any third party and (b) only use Confidential Information to fulfill your obligations under this Agreement. If you are compelled by law to disclose Confidential Information, you must provide Atlassian with prior notice of such compelled disclosure (to the extent legally permitted) and reasonable assistance, at Atlassian’s cost, if Atlassian wishes to contest the disclosure.

14.3. Injunctive Relief. In event of actual or threatened breach of this Section 14, Atlassian shall have the right, in addition to any other remedies available to it, to seek injunctive relief to protect its Confidential Information, it being specifically acknowledged by the parties that other available remedies may be inadequate.

15. Independent Development; Information You Provide Is Not Confidential. Atlassian develops its own products and services and works with many other partners and developers, and either Atlassian or these third parties could in the future develop (or already have developed) products, concepts or ideas similar to yours or your Apps. Subject to Atlassian’s obligations relating to your financial data in Section 4.6 and App source code in Section 8.4(h) and the terms of any applicable mutually-agreed non-disclosure agreement, nothing limits Atlassian or such third parties from doing so, and Atlassian has no confidentiality obligations for information you submit in connection with this Agreement.

16. Atlassian Trademarks/Publicity/Intellectual Property

You will not violate Atlassian intellectual property in any form, including Atlassian patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. You will: (i) only use the Atlassian Marks in the form and manner as set forth in Atlassian’s Trademark Guidelines, Marketplace Brand Guidelines and AdWords Trademark Policy and only in connection with the sale of your Marketplace Apps in the Atlassian Marketplace (if any conflict, real or perceived, arises in the foregoing Guidelines, Atlassian retains the right to enforce the more restrictive Guideline); (ii) follow any other policies that Atlassian communicates to you regarding the use of Atlassian Marks as keywords in online search engines; (iii) not register any domain names that contain any terms that are the same or similar to any Atlassian Marks; and (iv) upon expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason, immediately cease all use of the Atlassian Marks, unless you are otherwise authorized to continue using the Atlassian Marks pursuant to a separate written agreement with Atlassian.

17. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability



17.3. Basis of Bargain; Failure of Essential Purpose. The parties have entered into this Agreement relying on the limitations of liability, disclaimers of warranty and other provisions relating to allocation of risk stated in this Agreement and agree that such provisions are an essential basis of the bargain between the parties. The parties further agree that all such limitations, disclaimer and other provisions will survive and apply even if any limited remedy is found to have failed of its essential purpose.

18. Agreement Changes

As the Atlassian Marketplace evolves over time, we may need to update this Agreement. Therefore, Atlassian reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion with the changes to the Agreement becoming effective thirty (30) days after notice (unless Atlassian specifies a shorter notice period). Atlassian will give you notice of the changes by posting an updated version of this Agreement on its website or within the Marketplace, or by emailing you at an email address you have provided. If you do not agree to any of the changes, your sole remedy is to terminate this Agreement prior to the date on which the changes are to take effect by (i) providing written notice to Atlassian and (ii) withdrawing all of your Apps from the Marketplace. If you terminate this Agreement according to the preceding sentence, the changes will not apply to you. Otherwise, your continued participation in the Atlassian Marketplace after the changes take effect will constitute your acceptance of the changes. In addition, you may be required to click to agree to the modified Agreement to continue participating in the Marketplace.

19. Dispute Resolution; Governing Law

19.1. Informal Resolution. In the event of any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the parties will consult and negotiate with each other and, recognizing their mutual interests, attempt to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties. If the parties do not reach settlement within a period of sixty (60) days, either party may pursue relief as may be available under this Agreement pursuant to Section 19.2 (Governing Law; Jurisdiction). All negotiations pursuant to this Section 19.1 will be confidential and treated as compromise and settlement negotiations for purposes of all similar rules and codes of evidence of applicable legislation and jurisdictions.

19.2. Governing Law; Jurisdiction. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the State of California, USA, without giving effect to the principles of that State relating to conflicts of laws. Each party irrevocably agrees that any legal action, suit or proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement must be brought solely and exclusively in, and will be subject to the service of process and other applicable procedural rules of, the State or Federal court in San Francisco, California, USA, and each party irrevocably submits to the sole and exclusive personal jurisdiction of the courts in San Francisco, California, USA, generally and unconditionally, with respect to any action, suit or proceeding brought by it or against it by the other party.

19.3. Injunctive Relief; Enforcement. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 19.1 (Informal Resolution) and 19.2 (Governing Law; Jurisdiction), nothing in this Agreement will prevent Atlassian from seeking injunctive relief with respect to a violation of intellectual property rights, any Incident or other security issue, confidentiality obligations or enforcement or recognition of any award or order in any appropriate jurisdiction.

19.4. Exclusion of UN Convention and UCITA. The terms of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Sale of Goods do not apply to this Agreement. The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) will not apply to this Agreement regardless of when or where adopted.

20. General

This Agreement may not be amended except in writing signed by both parties or as provided in Section 18 (Agreement Changes) above. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid by a court with jurisdiction over the parties to this Agreement, such provision will be deemed to be restated to reflect as nearly as possible the original intentions of the parties in accordance with applicable law, and the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. The word “including” will be interpreted without limitation when used in this Agreement. The parties to this Agreement are independent contractors, not agents, joint venturers or partners, despite use of the term “Partner”. Each party will bear its own costs and expenses in performing this Agreement. Atlassian’s failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of Atlassian’s rights to subsequently enforce the provision. Atlassian may freely assign, transfer, and delegate its rights and obligations under this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that Atlassian’s affiliates, contractors and service providers may exercise all rights of Atlassian under this Agreement, including Atlassian’s license rights. You may not assign any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement, whether by operation of law or otherwise, without Atlassian’s prior written consent, except that you may assign all of your rights and obligations under this Agreement to any corporation or other entity without consent in connection with a merger or the sale of all or substantially all of your assets as long as (1) you give Atlassian written notice of any such assignment at least ten business days before such assignment and (2) the assignee agrees in writing to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Agreement; however, in the event that Atlassian determines that such assignment is to a competitor of Atlassian, Atlassian may terminate this Agreement upon notice to you. Subject to the foregoing limitations, this Agreement will be binding upon, inure to the benefit of and be enforceable by the parties and their respective successors and assigns. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter, supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements between the parties with respect to its subject matter, and does not give any third party (except where specified) any rights or remedies hereunder. Any notice or other communication to be given hereunder will be in writing and given (i) by Atlassian via email, via a posting in the Marketplace Guidelines, via the Partner Portal, or via a message through your account, or (ii) by you via email to or to such other email or physical addresses as Atlassian may specify from time to time. The date of receipt will, in the case of email, be deemed the date on which such notice is transmitted.

Last Revised: November 11, 2022

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