At Atlassian we often say customer feedback is a gift. It’s the guiding insight that helps us improve existing features, and an important factor in translating customer goals to our roadmap. In Jira Software Server 7.6 we’re delivering features requested, voted and discussed by you that help streamline work at scale.

With that said, we have an exciting announcement to make. After 13+ years and over 2,500 votes, we’re closing the #1 customer voted feature request in our public issue tracker: Global Admins can now add priority schemes to the configuration options in Jira Software. Thank you for your patience and valuable feedback.

Set unique priorities per project

Teams have different needs for defining issue priorities within their projects. A development team focused on bugfixes might need to prioritize tickets as trivial, minor, major and blocker, while a growth team working on web experiments may need customized options such as low risk, medium risk and high risk. In a large organization with many teams, the list of priorities can grow to be out-of-control and cause confusion for users trying to pick the options that apply to their team. A common work around for this is for Global Admins to limit the creation of new priorities. However, this forces teams to settle for options that are an imperfect fit for their needs. In Jira Software Server 7.6, Global Admins have the ability to assign priority schemes per project, creating more clarity for teams to assign the right priority to their tickets and speeding up the process from planning to work.

Prioritize subtasks with efficiency

Much like issue prioritization, prioritizing subtasks gives teams a straightforward order of work they need to tackle. If there are 2-3 subtasks it’s easy to re-organize or simply visualize priority, but what if there are 5+ subtasks? Having to manually open each issue to reorder tasks line by line is a time suck. So, we’ve reviewed your feedback (and all 244 votes!) and we’re making it easier. Subtasks can now be re-ordered with a simple drag-and-drop, speeding up the process of prioritization and allowing teams more time to work on the actual subtask at hand.

Monitor Jira Software sizing metrics with JMX

For large instances of Jira Server and Data Center, understanding metrics pertaining to size such as the number of users, issues or custom fields enables admins to make informed decisions around how to maintain, optimize and scale machine resources. Not to mention, exposing specific metrics helps admins respond to potential issues before they become a problem for their users. Admins can now enable Java Management Extensions (JMX) to effortlessly collect and monitor sizing data, and effectively plan their next step.

Streamline work at scale

Jira Software Server 7.6 brings order to work at scale. With streamlined prioritization and data tracking, teams and admins see work at a glance to help them move with speed and confidence. Now you can try Jira Software Server 7.6 today.

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Priority schemes have arrived in Jira Software Server 7.6