Virtual team lunch template

by Atlassian

Spend a lunch with your team no matter where you are working from.

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Virtual team lunch template

Team bonding is created through both formal and informal interactions. When teams work virtually, their interactions are dominated by formal meetings. One way to build a more informal interaction environment is to host virtual lunches for your team. This helps coworkers to see the human side of their colleagues and build rapport based on something other than work.

How to use the virtual team lunch template

Step 1. Set up a date for the lunch

Choose a day (either weekly, monthly, or quarterly) that seems to work for most on your team. Because it is informal, you don’t have to choose Monday to start the week or Friday to end the week specifically. You want as many people to attend as possible so comb through staff schedules to see when most people are available.

Step 2. Set up a theme

Now that you have chosen a date, set up a theme where one main thing is the focus. Holidays and birthdays often make a festive theme, but you can also celebrate achievements or wins. Or you can make your theme revolve around food or beverages. Choose a different host for each lunch and let them choose the icebreaker and activities to keep everyone engaged.

Step 2. Set up a theme

Step 3. Ask for RSVPs

One the theme, icebreaker, and activities are chosen, b sure to ask everyone to RSVP by adding their name (@ mention) to the page. The host will want to know who is attending so they can plan accordingly. Remember to add the zoom link before the meeting!

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