Need a remedy for Bad Service Management?

Deliver value fast with modern, AI-powered ITSM - without bulky, outdated UI and high costs.

See why BMC Remedyforce customers switch to Atlassian

Jira Service Management offers the perfect remedy for your ITSM headaches, uniting Dev, IT Ops, and business teams on one flexible platform with that scales without breaking the bank.

Unlock high velocity-ITSM with modern, AI-powered practices

Easily extend service across the enterprise with generative AI, lightweight architecture, and customizable templates and workflows. Step into a new era of ITSM inspired by agile and DevOps practices built right into the platform.

Decrease service management costs, increase ROI

Don’t overspend on a complex service management solution. Get enterprise-grade ITSM capabilities without expensive add-ons, complex licensing, and frustrating renewals — all at a lower price. Transparent, easy to understand pricing is available online.

Intuitive implementation lets you deploy with confidence

Access the latest in service management innovation - without the high cost and complexity. Implement quickly with a robust set of templates and guides that eliminate the need for consultants to configure or maintain workflow.

Accelerate Dev and IT Ops collaboration on one, unified platform

Consolidate Dev, IT Ops, and business teams on the Atlassian platform for one, central view into your system of work. Improve Dev and IT Ops collaboration and seamlessly integrate incident, problem, and change management workflows for streamlined incident management. Empower teams to work the way they want while staying in lock step with the broader org.

The Atlassian advantage


Jira Service Management


Transparent, easy to understand pricing available online

Jira Service Management


Publicly available product roadmap with frequent new releases

Jira Service Management


Average implementation time of 4 months or fewer*

Jira Service Management


Robust asset management built-in

Jira Service Management


Business, Dev, and IT objectives aligned on the same platform

Jira Service Management


Trusted by over 50,000 customers worldwide

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The Total Economic Impact of Jira Service Management

3 reasons to ditch your legacy ITSM software

3 reasons to ditch your legacy ITSM software


Is Jira Service Management free? Copy link to heading Copied! show

Jira Service Management has a Free plan with basic service management capabilities for up to 3 agents. You can sign up for a free trial of our Standard or Premium plans as well. For more details visit here.

How does Jira Service Management’s price compare to BMC? Copy link to heading Copied! show

Besides having lower overall pricing, you only pay per agent with Jira Service Management. You don't pay additional fees for deploying new modules or expanding to other business teams outside IT. There are no maintenance fees or support fees when you sign up for Jira Service Management.

Can Jira Service Management scale to thousands of users? Copy link to heading Copied! show

Yes! Companies like Saint Gobain, Belong, CBS, Priceline, and others have scaled their IT Service and Support operations from dozens to hundreds and even thousands of agents. Security, scalability, analytics, and more come standard in our Enterprise plan. Learn more about Jira Service Management for Enterprise.

Can Jira Service Management work alongside BMC? How? Copy link to heading Copied! show

Yes! While customers do replace BMC with Jira Service Management, we also see lots of customers implementing Jira Service Management for ITSM practices they feel BMC doesn’t serve as well.

Individual departments already using Jira Software, like application development or software engineering, may choose Jira Service Management to intake engineering requests given their preference for the Jira platform and budget autonomy.

You can also deploy Jira Service Management for Change Management to improve Development and IT operations.

Take advantage of how easily and quickly you can spin up new service desks in Jira Service Management to provide non-IT teams (HR, facilities, marketing, etc.) with their own service delivery portals, workflows, and queues.

There are many use cases that make Jira Service Management the best choice for companies and teams who aren't ready to say goodbye to BMC.

Do I need to buy marketplace apps to use Jira Service Management? Copy link to heading Copied! show

You don’t need any marketplace apps to get started. You can start and scale your ITSM practices with Jira Service Management out-of-the-box.

The Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of apps that enhance and complement your ITSM experience. It's up to you to use whatever app you want, whenever you want.

Is Jira Service Management only for IT Teams? Copy link to heading Copied! show

No! Jira Service Management is for all teams. You don't need additional modules to bring HR, Dev, Finance, Legal, Facilities, Marketing and more onto the platform. Get your agents a license and they can have a service desk setup quickly!

How does Jira Service Management compare to other competitors? Copy link to heading Copied! show

Many teams choose Jira Service Management over alternative solutions for our intuitive, enterprise-grade ITSM solution and our native Jira Software integration on the Atlassian Platform. You can learn more about how Jira Service Management compares to other ITSM tools here.

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