Project kickoff template

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Bring your team together at the start of a project

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Project kickoff template

Starting a project can be just as challenging as finishing one. Before teammates can start work, they need to understand the project’s vision, mission, and strategy. Use the project kickoff template to run the Project Kickoff Play. Created by Atlassian Team Playbook coaches, the Project Kickoff Play is a team exercise that helps project leaders communicate new plans and helps teams set goals.

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Step 1: Add project information

Start by deciding and assigning roles for your project. Use the template to @ mention team members, facilitators, and any other stakeholder. Type /link to add supporting materials you need to reference when you run the Play. Share the page before you meet and encourage participants to add comments and questions.

Step 2: Create project statements

Now that you’re ready to lead a project kickoff, use the template to collaborate with everyone participating in the Play. Start by sharing the project’s initial vision, mission, and mission tests. Then participants should edit the template together to create revised project statements. You can quickly vote on ideas by adding thumbs up and down emojis. Type : to choose and add emojis.

Step 2: Create project statements

Step 3: Follow up on action items

As you create project statements and discuss goals, use the template to note open questions and tasks teammates need to complete after the meeting. Briefly describe each task, @ mention owners, and add action items that need to be addressed. Teammates should check off action items as they complete them.

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