Free Kanban board: Enhance your team’s collaboration

Visualizing your team’s progress is easy with Jira Kanban boards, keeping everyone on track. This free Kanban board allows your team to continually improve cycle times and increase efficiency. 

With the cards, you can configure your workflow, prioritize user stories, and set work-in-progress limits. You can also let your team see what’s moved from “to do” to “done”.

Kanban board

Customizable story cards

Track tasks with customizable story cards and see at a glance as the team moves them from “to do” to “done”. Everyone can see who’s doing what at every step as the cards move.

Real-time updates

Kanban boards visualize real-time progress and allow teams to adapt to unexpected changes. The entire team knows where every task stands throughout the process.

Automated workflows

Simplify work management and automate predictable workflows by setting rules for predefined actions that auto-populate after certain events. This can save you time from mundane and repetitive tasks.  

Get started with Jira

Get organized with Kanban boards in Jira Software. Jira templates, such as the Kanban template, are preloaded. This makes it the perfect software for startups and a great small-business software solution.

Jira Software

Use Jira Software and a Kanban board to break down chunks of work into an actionable plan that you can track easily to keep your team aligned and agile.

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management and a Kanban board connect you with other teams, such as DevOps. They can be used with Jira Work Management to support every business team, increasing team productivity. 

Why use Atlassian’s free Kanban tool?

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Increased transparency

A Kanban board keeps your team aligned. It includes real-time information about every task, user story, issue, and potential roadblock. Atlassian’s free Kanban template ensures the team knows the state of the work and serves as a single source of truth, keeping the team informed about everyone’s tasks and deadlines.  

Kanban boards keep everyone clearly aligned on strategic goals. It keeps them moving toward those goals.

Better collaboration

Atlassian’s free online Kanban board fosters cross-functional collaboration by visualizing the team’s workflow. The team can then communicate their needs and challenges, allowing other team members to help where they can.

Using a Kanban board lets your team identify missing tasks. Team members then know where and when they need to assist others.

Strategic resource allocation

Kanban boards visually represent the required resources for each task, making it easy to decide where to allocate resources and oversee all current tasks. 

A Kanban board provides visual cues for work that’s done and work still left to do. That way you can see where resources are over or under utilized.

Efficient bottleneck management

With this free online Kanban board, you’ll immediately see where your team stumbles. You can spot potential blockages before they become problems. 

You can create work-in-progress limits to stop blockages before they can clout and quickly resolve issues without disrupting workflow.

Jira Software and Jira Work Management are a great way to ensure your team stays aligned. You can reap the benefits of Kanban Boards in the #1 Enterprise tool for software teams.

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