Disruptive brainstorming template

by Atlassian

Develop your creativity and generate fresh ideas with your team

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Disruptive brainstorming template

Disruptive brainstorming is a tool to break old assumptions and cultivate creativity when your team is blocked. The method uses disrupt cards to spotlight constraints that the team will have to consider when coming up with new ideas. Try this technique and disruptive brainstorming template to quickly generate fresh ideas with your team. Learn more about how to run the session by reviewing the Disruptive Brainstorming Playbook.

How to use the disruptive brainstorming template

Step 1. Prepare for brainstorming

Before you dive into brainstorming, set the stage by identifying the goals of your brainstorming session. What is the problem you’re trying to solve? Talk to your project lead and ask advice from stakeholders who understand where your team is stuck and how a brainstorming session can help. Once you decide on a theme, schedule your session and make sure every participant understands how it’ll run in advance.

Step 1. Prepare for brainstorming

Step 2. Create new ideas

Ask the team to come up with any and every solution to the problem you’re looking to solve. Anything goes! The goal is to break past old assumptions and get your creative juices flowing. Put each idea on a sticky note and take advantage of whiteboards to think and collaborate.

Step 3. Cut ideas using disrupt cards

Once you’ve come up with a pile of ideas, use disrupt cards to cut down the total and structure your thinking for the rest of the session. Disrupt cards shake up your brainstorming session by adding new variables to your theme. Introduce a new disrupt card every 10 minutes and try to remove ideas during each round. By the end, you’ll have a focused set of winners.

Step 4: Chart your ideas

After you finish your brainstorming session, organize your ideas into themes your team can work on in the coming months. Follow up with your team and agree on an owner for each theme. Document your ideas in the template and add each theme as a Jira issue on your team’s backlog so you can track results and measure success.

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