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ITSM post incident review template

Автор: Jira Service Management

Learn from incidents and conduct a postmortem review

Использование шаблона
ITSM post incident review template

ITSM teams keep systems running smoothly by managing a schedule of tests, updates, and bug fixes. As IT systems grow in scale and complexity, system failures and incidents become inevitable. Prepare ahead of time with our ITSM post incident review template. Our template will help your team discover an incident’s causes and prevent it from recurring.

Как использовать шаблон «ITSM post incident review»

Step 1: Add incident background information

Start by providing a high-level summary of the incident’s duration, causes, and effects. Include tickets related to the incident and list all the services that were impacted. Once you include all of the background information related to the incident, your team will have everything they need when it’s time to conduct your review.

Step 1: Add incident background information

Step 2: Conduct a blameless postmortem incident review

Use the template with your ITSM team to analyze the incident. Rather than focusing on team members' personal responsibilities during the incident, our template is designed to focus your group’s analysis on root causes. This blameless approach encourages reviewers to collaborate and brainstorm potential solutions. As your ITSM team conducts their review, update the template with new information and data reports for easy accessibility.

Step 3: Plan postmortem next steps

Throughout the review, use the template to keep track of new projects you create to prevent the incident from happening again. Under the Follow-up tasks section, list issues raised during the postmortem. You can edit the template to assign tasks and record action items.

Step 3: Plan postmortem next steps

Jira Service Management empowers teams with everything they need to get started fast. Check out capabilities for ITSM practices like request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management.

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