Bitbucket Cloud Premium Annual Pricing & Licensing

Bitbucket Cloud Annual

What does an annual Bitbucket Cloud Premium subscription cost? Show

Annual Bitbucket Cloud Premium subscriptions are priced based on the number of users licensed. Review the table below to determine your annual pricing.

User Tier

Annual Price

6 - 10 users

Annual Price


11 - 15 users

Annual Price


16 - 25 users

Annual Price


26 - 50 users

Annual Price


51 - 100 users

Annual Price


101 - 200 users

Annual Price


201 - 300 users

Annual Price


301 - 400 users

Annual Price


401 - 500 users

Annual Price


501 - 600 users

Annual Price


601 - 800 users

Annual Price


801 - 1,000 users

Annual Price


1,001 - 1,200 users

Annual Price


1,201 - 1,400 users

Annual Price


1,401 - 1,600 users

Annual Price


1,601 - 1,800 users

Annual Price


1,801 - 2,000 users

Annual Price


2,001 - 2,250 users

Annual Price


2,251 - 2,500 users

Annual Price


*All prices USD

How do I sign up for annual payments? Show

In order for us to generate an annual Bitbucket Cloud quote for you, two things must happen:

Once done, provide us the workspace ID and required user tier, and we would be happy to provide an annual quote.

Can I purchase an annual subscription for the Standard plan? Show

Annual subscription purchases are only available for Bitbucket Cloud Premium.

What’s included with the Bitbucket Cloud Premium annual plan? Show

Bitbucket Cloud Premium gives you access to 3,500 build minutes per month, 10GB of Git LFS, IP Whitelisting, Smart Mirroring, and more. See Bitbucket Cloud Premium for complete details.

What are build minutes? Show

A "build minute" is one minute of machine time running a Pipelines build.

What is Git LFS? Show

Git LFS is the available storage space, currently through Git Large File Storage (LFS), for media or other large files. This storage space is in addition to 2 GB of storage per repository. You share build minutes and storage with all users in your workspace.

What happens if I exceed my build minutes or Git LFS limit? Show

Build minute and Git LFS limits are not currently enforced. If your Bitbucket account exceeds either of these limits, we won’t cancel your subscriptions or remove any data, as long as the usage is in accordance with our acceptable use policy.

Keep in mind we're planning to enforce limits soon. We’ll let you know ahead of time when this happens.

What if I need more build minutes or Git LFS than my plan allows? Show

If you require more minutes or Git LFS storage, consider a monthly plan that supports overages.

How can I track my build minutes and Git LFS usage in Bitbucket? Show

You can view this information in your workspace's Settings in the Plan Details section.

Will I be able to buy more build minutes or Git LFS à la carte? Show

No, it is not possible to buy more build minutes or Git LFS à la carte for your plan. If you require more minutes or Git LFS storage, consider a monthly plan that supports overages.

Can I upgrade to a higher user tier midway through my term? Show

Yes! Contact us and we'll be happy to create a quote for you.

What payment methods are accepted for Bitbucket Cloud Premium annual plans? Show

Payment can be made via credit card, bank transfer, mailed check, ACH (US banks only), PayPal, or Net-30 terms (for orders of $10,000 or more).

I’m on the legacy Bitbucket Annual plan. Can I get another year at this rate? Show

Yes, legacy annual plans are not impacted by the new annual plan.

Moving to an annual Bitbucket Cloud Premium plan gives you access to more build minutes and Git LFS, as well as access to features such as enforced merge checks, deployment permission, IP whitelisting, and required 2FA. See Bitbucket Premium for complete details.

I'm on the legacy Bitbucket Annual plan. Will I be able to move to the new annual plan? Show

Yes! Contact us and we'll be happy to assist. Please note that once you have moved to the new annual plan you won’t be able to return to your old plan.

If I choose not to renew my Bitbucket Cloud Annual subscription, what will happen at the end of my billing cycle? Show

If you choose not to renew your Bitbucket Cloud Premium annual subscription, you will lose access to Bitbucket Premium features, and the account will be converted to a Bitbucket Cloud Free plan until upgraded or canceled.