DevOps change management template

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Assess risks and manage changes before anything goes wrong

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DevOps change management template

Companies traditionally think about change management as a set of policies designed to maintain a stable infrastructure. But in a DevOps environment, engineering and operations teams collaborate often to deliver software efficiently. They need to proactively assess risks and manage changes before any issue occurs. Use our template to evaluate and build your DevOps change management practice.

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Step 1. Plan for DevOps data migrations

The larger your company becomes, the more data you have to store and manage. Before you make major changes to your infrastructure, use our template to understand how you’re currently managing data migrations and how you can improve. As you work through the template, add links to relevant documents and loop in subject matter experts who can help you develop your data migration strategy.

Step 2. Strive for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

DevOps organizations practicing continuous integration and delivery succeed because they’re able to spot integration issues efficiently and release changes to customers quickly. Share the template with your engineering team to find out which deployments and tests are currently automated. Then use our template to review your system architecture and brainstorm opportunities to improve your CI/CD performance.

Step 2. Strive for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

Step 3. Evaluate your change management performance

Keep inspiring your team by using our template to anticipate potential risks and identify opportunities to improve processes. As you develop your change management practice, your engineering and operations teams will become more empowered to make fast and effective infrastructure changes.

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