Design your ideal workweek

by Atlassian

Identify priorities, set boundaries, and design an efficient workweek you feel good about.

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Design your ideal workweek template

It’s not always easy to pinpoint what makes truly your workweek gratifying. For those of us who don’t intuitively know what to dial up or down, this exercise is effective for breaking down your week in a more manageable and digestible way.

How to use the design your ideal workweek template

Step 1. Do the prep work

Start at the top of the template where you’re asked to leave your responses to several thought-provoking questions about what an “ideal” workweek means to you. Your answers to those questions provide important context before you get further into the details of reflecting and planning.

Step 1. Do the prep work

Step 2. Reflect on your week

Next, you’ll work backwards. At the bottom of the template, you’ll see a section for reflections. These are questions you should ask yourself on a weekly basis, preferably on a Friday, when you’re wrapping up your week. Using the chart, you’ll jot down your responses to create any action items you could potentially take the following week.

Step 3. Plan your week better than before

Come Monday morning, you’ll revisit the template (and your answers to the above questions), this time with an eye on planning for the week ahead. The template splits your priorities into two distinct sections: life priorities and work priorities. List your top three priorities for each in the designated chart. Then, identify the tasks you need to do to work toward those priorities and categorize those tasks based on type of work (e.g. deep work, light work, or commitment). You ideal week is waiting…

Step 3. Plan your week better than before

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