Jira Service Management Small Teams Promotion Terms and Conditions

Effective starting: December 8, 2022

These are the terms and conditions that govern how the Jira Service Management (JSM) Cloud Promotion (the “Promotion”) will operate. In these terms and conditions, “we,” “our,” and “us” refer to Atlassian Pty Ltd (ABN 53 102 443 916), the sponsor of this Promotion.  “Atlassian” means Atlassian and its affiliates. “You” refers to an eligible Promotion participant.

Promotion Description

During the Promotion, participants that comply with certain eligibility requirements will have the opportunity to purchase up to ten (10) agents on a JSM Cloud Standard plan for up to twelve (12) months (“Offer Period”) for $0.

Start and End Dates

The Promotion starts at 10:00am GMT on December 8, 2022, and ends at 12:00am GMT on March 31, 2023 (“Entry Period”).


You are eligible to participate in this Promotion if you meet the following requirements:

  • You purchase up to 10 agents on a JSM Cloud Standard plan during the Entry Period for up to 12 months 
  • You create an account of Jira Service Management Cloud by submitting a sign-up form for a Standard edition at a monthly or annual subscription term (see below for more details)
  • If you are a new customer or an existing customer with an existing Jira Service Management account (trial, free, or paid), you must sign up for a Jira Service Management account under a new site (unless otherwise agreed by Atlassian) and your subscription term is monthly
  • If you are an existing customer without an existing Jira Service Management account (trial, free, or paid), you can sign up for a Jira Service Management account under your existing site or a new site.  If you sign up under your existing site, your subscription term will align with the subscription term of the other Atlassian product(s) you subscribe to under that site (i.e., monthly or annual).  If you sign up under a new site, your subscription term is monthly.

Other Terms and Conditions

Unless canceled prior to the end of the Offer Period, your subscription to JSM will automatically renew at the same subscription level and at the JSM Cloud prices at time of renewal.  Atlassian will provide notice of this via email, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the Offer Period.  If a valid payment method is not available at the time of renewal, Atlassian will commence the dunning process, which will include email reminders to pay. If no payment is received fourteen (14) days after the renewal date, Atlassian will delete your account of Jira Service Management.

Exceeding 10 agents, downgrading the plan (to Free), or upgrading the plan (to Premium or Enterprise edition) at any time during the Offer Period will result in an immediate termination of the Promotion and you being responsible for the use of JSM Cloud products (at the current rates) from the date of the Promotion termination through the end of the current subscription term.  Unless the JSM Cloud products are terminated, the JSM Cloud products will automatically renew at the current rates at the end of the subscription term. This Promotion may not be combined with any other Atlassian promotion, incentive or similar.

As of February 8, 2023, please note that, during the Offer Period, email templates cannot be edited. If you choose to continue using JSM Cloud products at the end of the Offer Period (or if you exceed 10 agents or upgrade the plan prior to the end of the Offer Period), email templates can be edited.

By participating in this Promotion you also agree:

  • To accept and abide by these terms and conditions;
  • If you are accepting the terms of this Promotion on behalf of your employer or another entity, you represent and warrant that you (i) have read and understand these terms, (ii) have full legal power and authority to bind your employer or such entity to these terms and (iii) agree to these terms on behalf of the party you represent.  Please do not accept these terms (by clicking “I agree” or any similar button or checkbox) if you do not have the legal authority mentioned above; and 
  • In addition to these terms and conditions, your use of Atlassian products is governed by the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service (available at