Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed and been a part of the SaaS transformation that has changed the way teams work and how we communicate and collaborate with each other. Recently, Atlassian announced that we’ll be simplifying our server and Data Center offerings to focus on delivering a world-class cloud experience. As a company that made our own transition to cloud, we believe that a move to cloud is a critical step towards keeping resources invested in what matters most and delivering value to customers, fast.

To help make it easier to move to cloud, we’re introducing the Atlassian Migration Program (AMP), which provides step-by-step resources, free migration tooling, and dedicated support to migrating customers.

We’ve built the program based on the feedback and experiences of thousands of Atlassian customers who have migrated from an on-premise instance to cloud. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a 60 percent YoY increase from our own customer base making the move to SaaS. To build on this momentum – and the experiences of companies like Nextiva, Redfin, and Rockwell Automation – we’re introducing AMP to scale our commitment to helping customers make the switch.

The Atlassian Migration Program

Unleashing the potential of all teams in the cloud

Moving to cloud is a big decision and often one that customers have little to no in-house experience with, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting, empowering, and partnering with our customers throughout their journey. The Atlassian Migration Program is available and free to all Atlassian customers, and packages our tried-and-true migrations resources, tools, and support to make cloud migrations as seamless as possible.

The resources

While there’s no one-path-fits-all for a move to cloud, we’ve created a migrations framework that’s flexible enough to meet the needs of teams of all sizes. Throughout your migration, you’ll have access to educational cloud content and comparisons, a comprehensive resource library, detailed technical documentation, and a step-by-step server to cloud migrations guide. If you’re a larger customer managing a more complex migration, we also have dedicated enterprise resources and support.

As part of AMP, we’re also launching our Passport to Cloud video series so you can hear directly from Atlassian leaders who are focused on cloud and migrations. We’re kicking off the seven-part series with an Overview of Atlassian’s Cloud Strategy, an Introduction to Migrations, and a Conversation about Cloud Security.

The (free) tools

Part of a successful migration to cloud is gaining a detailed understanding of what makes cloud different from your current self-hosted setup. Based on feedback from our customers, we offer a free cloud migration trial to help you explore, evaluate, and migrate to cloud at your own pace. Your cloud migration trial will match the same user tier and remaining duration of maintenance of your self-hosted license for up to 12 months. This gives you enough time to ensure that cloud is right for you without disrupting your teams. Throughout your trial, you can test and compare Standard and Premium cloud features and, when you’re ready, use your trial site to begin the migration process.

To help you assess your existing environment and migrate your data from server to cloud, we’ve also developed Cloud Migration Assistants for Jira and Confluence, which are free to download in the Atlassian Marketplace. With the Cloud Migration Assistants, you can:

  • check server app availability in cloud and what migration pathways are available
  • migrate users, projects, data, and spaces from Jira and Confluence server to cloud
  • uncover and quickly resolve any issues with your migration or your data

The support

Atlassian’s team of Cloud Migrations Managers are focused exclusively on supporting migrating customers, so support tickets marked for “migrations” enter this team’s dedicated queue for timely and customized support.

The degree to which teams typically interface with our Cloud Migration Managers depends on the complexity of the migration. Teams with a straightforward migration, for example, usually work with our migration support team if technical questions or blockers arise. For complex or enterprise migrations, our Cloud Migration Managers provide dedicated, hands-on migration guidance to ensure end-to-end success. And if you’re in need of expert one-on-one help from beginning to end, we’ll connect you with our certified Solution Partner network and work with them hand-in-hand to support you on your move to the cloud and beyond.

Get started today

A move to cloud is more than a migration – it’s a transformation that has long-term impact on your teams, culture, and business. We feel confident that cloud is the best place for our customers to land.

We continue to invest in our cloud offerings, and in the process, we’re empowering teams to be more innovative and save time and money that can be re-invested in their core mission. When you’re ready to make your move, Atlassian and AMP are here to help you get there.

Introducing the Atlassian Migration Program