Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed and been a part of the SaaS transformation that has changed the way teams work and how we communicate and collaborate with each other. Atlassian announced that we’ll be simplifying our server and Data Center offerings to focus on delivering a world-class cloud experience and support for our Server products will end in February 2024. As a company that made our own transition to Cloud, we believe that a move to Cloud is a critical step towards keeping resources invested in what matters most and delivering value to customers, fast.

To help make it easier to move to Cloud, we’re introducing the Atlassian Migration Program (AMP), which provides:

  • Step by step migration guidance with Atlassian-built migration tools and tailored resources
  • Dedicated migration expertise including guidance from Atlassian’s migration support team, engineers, and trusted network of Solution Partners
  • Cloud pricing incentives to ease your transition

We’ve built the program based on the feedback and experiences of thousands of Atlassian customers who have migrated from an on-premise instance to Cloud. To build on this momentum – and the experiences of companies like Nextiva, Lucid Software, and Rockwell Automation – we’re introducing AMP to scale our commitment to helping customers make the switch.

The Atlassian Migration Program

Unleashing the potential of all teams in the cloud

What we continue to hear from customers is that a move to Cloud isn’t just a migration, it’s a business transformation. And a transformation requires not only the right tools, but also the right people and practices. That’s why we’ve launched the Atlassian Migration Program. It’s available and free to all Atlassian customers, and packages our tried-and-true migrations tools, support, and guidance to make Cloud migrations as seamless as possible.

The tools and guidance

We’ve developed a number of resources to help customers progress through each phase of the migration journey, with the right tools and guidance along the way.

When you’re ready to start your Cloud journey, take the personalized migration assessment that helps customers decide when to migrate based on their requirements and provides actionable next steps. Key resources like the step-by-step migration guide, price comparison tool to understand costs, and Cloud migration demo are there to support customers through each part of the journey. And finally, our free Atlassian-built apps – the Cloud Migration Assistants for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket – allow you to assess your Marketplace apps and test and conduct your migration.


To learn more about what makes our Cloud products different, check out the cloud-only features across Jira Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

The support

We know that moving to Cloud is a team sport among Atlassian, Solution Partners, our Marketplace, and most importantly – your teams. That’s why we have Atlassian’s Cloud migration experts standing by to help you plan and execute a successful migration.

Customers can schedule a Cloud consult with our advocates by completing this Support form to learn more about Cloud and ensure that they’re choosing the right path. When you’re ready to make the move, our Cloud Migrations Managers and MSEs are exclusively focused on providing guidance and support to help you make it across the finish line. For complex or enterprise migrations, our Cloud Migration Managers provide dedicated, hands-on migration guidance to ensure end-to-end success. And if you’re in need of expert one-on-one help, we’ll connect you with our trusted network of Solution Partners to support you in your move to Cloud and beyond.

The incentives

We know that our Server customers have invested in customizing and adapting their Server products to fit the way their teams work. We also understand that it takes time and resources to migrate and to ensure that teams are successful on Cloud post-migration.

To ease your transition, we offer incentives to help customers focus on the migration at hand and set up your teams for success in Cloud, so you can start seeing your return on investment as soon as possible.

  • All customers are eligible to claim a free Cloud migration trial to explore Cloud, build a proof of concept, and test and complete the migration.
  • We offer existing customers with 1,001+ users a discount on Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Core, and Confluence Cloud subscription purchases made before June 30, 2023.

Get started today

A move to Cloud is more than a migration – it’s a transformation that has a long-term impact on your teams, culture, and business. We feel confident that Cloud is the best place for our customers to land.

We continue to invest in our Cloud offerings, and in the process, we’re empowering teams to be more innovative and save time and money that can be reinvested in their core mission. When you’re ready to make your move, the Atlassian Migration Program is here to help you get there.

Introducing the Atlassian Migration Program