Marketing blog post template

by Atlassian

You know you need content, but starting with a blank page is daunting. Use this template to hash out all of the details of your blog post and get your creative juices flowing.

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Marketing blog post template

You get it – content is king. Yet consistently crafting, publishing, and promoting blog posts isn’t an easy task. Revisions become a bottleneck, keywords get duplicated, and you neglect to figure out how you’ll actually get eyeballs on that post after it’s published. That’s where this template comes in. Use it to organize the nuts and bolts of your blog post, so you can make the most of the content your team works so hard to create.

How to use the marketing blog post template

Step 1. Fill out your blog post basics

We’ll start with the easier stuff. Here’s where you’ll jot down the nitty-gritty details of your blog post. If you already have a final title ironed out, list that in that field. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to come up with a few options that your team can noodle on. In this section, you’ll also list the author (@ mention them within the Confluence template so they get notified!), the publish date, and the post’s current status (whether it’s being drafted, is in editing, etc.). Finally, list the part of your funnel this blog post is targeting so everybody has that necessary context.

Step 2. Sketch out your promotion plan

You don’t want to sink time and energy into blog posts just to have them sit there and collect digital cobwebs. That’s why it’s smart to proactively figure out how you’ll promote this content and gain more readers. This involves listing the keywords you’re targeting for this post, as well as the channels you’ll use to distribute your post (whether that’s an email broadcast, social media posts, or both). Make sure to list each channel individually so you can check it off when you’ve promoted the blog post there. That will help your team avoid duplicating efforts.

Step 3. Loop in your team members

It takes a village to put together a blog post. You need a second set of eyes on that content, and maybe you want a custom infographic or an illustration. Within this template, you can @ mention the team members who should be reviewing and editing that blog post, and type /date to quickly assign a deadline for their edits. In the Assets field, you should also @ mention team members and list any supporting materials you’ll need from them to take that blog post to the next level. That way, those team members know they should get to work on those assets.

Step 3. Loop in your team members

Step 4. Get to writing

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start writing because the rest of the template is dedicated to the actual body of your blog post. Draft it right within the template, and you’ll ensure that all of the information that relates to that post stays in a centralized place. No more mixed messages or dropped deadlines.

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