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Cloud pricing FAQ

Is Bitbucket free for small teams?

Yes! Sign up for the 5 users free plan and you can have unlimited public and private repositories.

What is a user?

Someone with read or write access to one of your private repositories.

What types of payment do you accept?

Credit card (including MasterCard, Visa or American Express) via our secure online order form at the end of your signup.

Can I change my plan at a later time?

Yes! You can upgrade or reduce your plan at any time. Once you have a credit card on file upgrades happen automatically when you add enough users to move to the next plan level.

Do you offer free community or academic subscriptions?

When you sign up with your academic email address, we will automatically convert your account to an unlimited academic plan. If your account doesn't automatically get converted, you can apply to have your institution added.

What about the behind the firewall edition of Bitbucket?

Find out more about Bitbucket Server here.


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For teams of all sizes, hosted on your server



one-time payment

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A single server deployment
Unlimited public and private repositories
Perpetual license + free year of maintenance

Data Center


per year

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Active-active clustering for high availability
Smart mirroring for performance across geographies
Atlassian-supported disaster recovery
Unlimited public and private repositories
Annual term license + maintenance

Server pricing FAQ

30-day money back guarantee

If you want to discontinue use of any Atlassian product, Atlassian offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Free for open source, nonprofits, and classrooms

Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects, nonprofits, and classrooms.

How do you define a user?

A Bitbucket Server user is any user that can log in to Bitbucket Server.

What about the Cloud version of Bitbucket?

Find out more about Bitbucket Cloud here.

What is the difference between Server and Data center?

Bitbucket Data Center is the on-premises Git repository management solution for teams that require high availability and performance at scale. Bitbucket Data Center uses a cluster of Bitbucket Server nodes and is designed with enterprise scaling and infrastructure flexibility in mind.

What is the licensing difference between Server and Data Center?

Bitbucket Server has a perpetual license while Data Center has an annual term license that includes updates and support as long as your term license is active. Data Center licenses expire and are not perpetual like our server licenses. See the Data Center purchasing FAQ for more information.

First year of maintenance is on us

Our Server licenses entitle you to perpetual use, and include 12 months of maintenance (new software releases and critical bug fixes and access to Atlassian's world-class support team) from the date of purchase. Renewing maintenance is encouraged but completely optional.

Discounts for academic institutions

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on Server licenses.

Source code included

The full source code is available for commercial and academic licenses to help with any desired product customizations.