Server 製品のサポートは、2024 年 2 月 15 日で終了します。引き続きサポートを受けるには、移行してください。詳細→

デュアル ライセンス

We often see larger customers take 9-12 months on average to migrate, given the size and complexity of their Atlassian footprint. In order to give you adequate time to complete your migration and avoid double paying for your Cloud and Data Center subscription, we offer dual licensing.


  • ユーザー数が 1,001 以上 (Jira Software、Jira Work Management、もしくは Confluence)、またはエージェント数が 251 以上 (Jira Service Management) の年間クラウド サブスクリプションをご購入ください。
  • We extend your existing Data Center subscription for up to one year at a 100% discount.


  • Eligibility: You have an active Data Center subscription that is no more than 30 days past expiry date AND you purchase an equivalent annual Cloud subscription. To be eligible, the annual cloud subscription must be for 1,001 or more users (Jira Software, Jira Work Management, or Confluence) or 251 or more agents (Jira Service Management).
  • Tier of the dual license granted: The 100% discounted Data Center subscription granted will be for the same tier as your Cloud subscription. If the tier is not available on Data Center, the next highest tier will be granted.
  • Validity of the dual license: Your discounted Data Center subscription is granted for a maximum of one year and will end when your Cloud subscription ends.
  • Migration completion: You should complete your migration before the end of the 100% discounted dual license. When your first-year Cloud subscription ends, your Cloud subscription will be renewed, but your 100% discounted Data Center subscription will not be.
  • 提供状況: このプロモーション プログラムは期間限定であり、Atlassian の裁量により変更されることがあります。このプロモーション サービスの適用は保証されるものではありません。


  • 2020 年 10 月 31 日に失効する Jira Software Data Center (2,000 ユーザー) をお持ちの場合、6 か月かけて段階的にクラウドに移行できます。2020 年 10 月 16 日に、Data Center サブスクリプションよりも低いユーザー階層で Jira Software Cloud の年間サブスクリプション (1,800 ユーザー) をご購入いただいた場合、Jira Software Data Center には 1,800 階層がないため、100% 割引 2,000 ユーザー階層 Data Center サブスクリプションが付与されます。



このサービスの対象となるのはどの製品ですか? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

You are eligible for this offer if you have a Data Center subscription for any of the following products or apps, and you purchase its cloud equivalent:

You own a Data Center subscription for the following products:

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Service Management
  • Confluence

You own a Data Center subscription for the following:

  • Questions for Confluence

Please note: Dual Licensing was first introduced to the Marketplace in September 2020 to help customers save on app migration costs over the duration of their existing Server maintenance or Data Center subscription for up to one year at no extra cost. Find out if your apps are opted into the Dual Licensing program. If you don’t see it listed, you can work with your Atlassian advocate, or reach out to the relevant Marketplace Partners directly.

このサービスの対象となるのはどのクラウド プランですか? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

当社のクラウド プランを購入でき、このサービスの対象となるお客様には、より大きな規模で最高のエクスペリエンスを提供できる Premium または Enterprise クラウド プランのご購入をお勧めします。

すでに Priority サポートまたはプレミア サポートを所有している場合はどうなりますか? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

For existing Data Center customers who own Priority Support or Premier Support and migrate to our Premium or Enterprise Cloud plans, we will include a Priority Support extension co-termed with the Data Center subscription extension for each Premium or Enterprise plan you purchase.

これは、月間および年間クラウド サブスクリプション購入両方に適用されますか? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

このサービスの対象となるのは、年間クラウド サブスクリプション購入のみです。

How does this offer work with free Cloud migration trials? What is the difference? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

Dual licensing and our free Cloud migration trial are designed to help you at different stages of your move to cloud.

Free Cloud migration trial: This trial is meant to help you with your decision to migrate to our cloud products. It allows you to test our cloud products and the migration process before you purchase. Customers who own a Data Center subscription (Commercial or Academic) with 11+ users are eligible for the free cloud migration trial. Starter tier (10 users or less) and Community license holders are not eligible at this time. Customers with up to 10 users/3 agents are encouraged to explore Atlassian's Free cloud plans when migrating to cloud.

  • Example: You own Jira Software Data Center and are interested in evaluating Cloud products. Atlassian provides a free Cloud migration trial to help you evaluate cloud before making the decision to migrate.

Dual licensing: The 100% discounted dual license is best if you have already decided to move to cloud, and know your migration will run over an extended period requiring you to run production instances of both the Data Center products and Cloud products in parallel. The 100% discounted dual license helps you eliminate the costs of your Data Center subscription for up to a year. In order to qualify for a dual license, you must purchase an annual cloud subscription with 1,001 or more users (Jira Software, Jira Work Management, or Confluence) or 251 or more agents (Jira Service Management).

  • Example: You own Jira Software Data Center and purchase an Enterprise subscription to Jira Software Cloud. You realize that your migration process involves multiple waves of migrating users from Data Center to Cloud, and the entire process will take many months. You enroll in dual licensing and Atlassian provides you with a 100% discounted Jira Software Data Center subscription for 1 year to help reduce the cost of migration.

無料クラウド移行トライアルからデュアル ライセンスへの移行をご希望の場合、営業にお問い合わせください

クラウドへの移行にさらに時間がかかる場合はどうなりますか? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

デュアル ライセンスの提供可能期間は最長 1 年です。この期間内に移行できない場合、事前に営業にお問い合わせください

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Data Center subscription? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示
  • Upgrade: If you are utilizing dual licensing, you purchased your cloud subscription with the intention of migrating. Typically, you would add new users directly to your Cloud subscription and migrate your Data Center users to Cloud over time. As a result, you need fewer users on your Data Center product. However, if you need to upgrade your Data Center subscription, please contact sales so that we can better understand your challenges and suggest the best solution for you.
  • Downgrade: If you need your Data Center subscription to be downgraded, please contact sales.
I’m a Server customer who qualified for extended Server support with dual licensing. What support can I expect? Copy link to heading Copied! 表示

If you qualified for dual licensing and purchased a Cloud subscription between September 12, 2023, and February 15, 2024, you are eligible for extended Server support for up to 12 months. This offer was designed for larger, more complex Server customers to provide ample time for migration without the need to pay for both a Cloud subscription and a Server license simultaneously.

Atlassian will also continue to support Atlassian-owned apps such as Automation for Jira, Team Calendars for Confluence, Assets, and Assets Discovery. This support is available for up to 12 months from the date of your Cloud subscription purchase, or until February 15, 2025, whichever comes first. Please note that there will not be any support provided for Advanced Roadmaps and Analytics for Confluence.

If you have a dual license, you can subscribe to receive e-mail updates for security patches, bug fixes and tech alerts. To ensure you are notified, update your preferences at: