Ensure financial approvals and records are in one place

Finance teams use JIRA Core to:

Close the books

Track the preparation of financial reports

Top-line forecast and budget processes

Approve purchases

Manage financial projects

Just think how helpful it would be if you could visualize all project tasks on a single board? You'll keep watch over required steps and actually see progress happen. Now close the books knowing all your tasks properly completed.  

Boards are currently available in Jira Core Cloud only. 

Be in the know

Monitor financial details

It's important to be aware of each team member's part in any process, from SOX compliance matters and posting to the general ledger to procurement. With all explanations and details documented, everyone knows why decisions were made.  

Measure finance team performance

Find information you need to (double) check: the progress of a financial filing, a purchase approval... anything. Plus, with an audit trail, you can make sure the reviewer isn't also the preparer.


Be organized

Launch your projects on time with these Jira Core features

Business templates

Use out-of-the-box business templates to easily define and track your finance projects.

Task details

Gather the information needed for each filing or report so the team can properly approve, report, and file each document. 


Use @mentions to get the attention of a teammate or manager so they know their feedback is required.


Make more informed decisions, and understand what is and what isn't working with reports and dashboards.

Use Jira Core for all your financial processes

By tracking, reviewing, and approving all tasks, your finance team will enjoy greater visibility.

Any team can benefit from and become more efficient using Jira —Jordan Packer, Senior Configuration Analyst
Gilt, YP, BlackRock, Splunk, and Spotify

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