Marketing campaign template

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Build a solid plan now to avoid confusion later

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Marketing campaign template

The bigger the marketing campaign, the greater the need for a solid plan. This template will help you create the blueprint of your project early on so there’s no risk of confusing things like who’s owning what tasks, what deadlines are coming up, or how the budget is being allocated. Inform key stakeholders of your progress and give visibility into strategy, success metrics, and all team members involved.

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Step 1. Decide your campaign strategy

Ask yourself at the beginning: what do you think this campaign will achieve? Start your process by writing out your hypothesis, as well as stating who your target market is. For instance, if you want to increase customer engagement on your Twitter account, start releasing interactive posts like poll questions. You’ll know you’ll have succeeded if your follower count grows by X amount or jumps to Y number of impressions.

Step 2. Be specific with your goals

Like the universal New Year’s resolution of ‘get in shape,’ you need to set goals that are more measurable. With metrics, you’ll be able to tell exactly when you’ve achieved success, rather than the nebulous feeling of achievement. Does success look like 500 new customers or 1,200 webinar sign-ups? The sky can be the limit, as long as there’s a number attached.

Step 3. Divvy up your budget

Before you start, determine how much money is available and stick to that number. Based on your hypothesis, prioritize which activities you and your team feel would make the most impact to reach your goal. Assign a portion of the pie to each activity and write out the exact use for the money, like spend $10k on revamping your website’s illustrations by hiring a design contractor.

Step 4. Lay out your campaign roadmap

Roll out the timeline of the campaign before your team gets started. Let’s say you have two months to launch a new organizational feature before the end of the quarter. Will that interfere with another launch that’s scheduled at the same time? By looking ahead and breaking the work down into shippable pieces, your team knows exactly what’s expected and when.

Step 4. Lay out your campaign roadmap

Step 5. Identify your campaign deliverables

This section covers the specifics of your campaign and the range of categories your team will consider on the road to proving your hypothesis correct. Each task needs an owner and a start date to make sure nothing slips between the cracks. Stay updated with the status column to see what’s completed, what’s in progress, and what’s yet to be started.

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