Since we launched Jira Data Center in July 2014, Disaster Recovery (DR) has been one of the most frequently requested features from customers. Jira is business critical and customers want to be prepared and ensure its availability in the event of a disaster. Well, we listened, and we’re excited to announce that it’s here! With Jira Data Center 6.4, customers can now configure a cold single or multi node standby site in a geographically separate location.


Comply with your Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are crucial for companies looking to ensure availability of business-critical applications in the unlikely event of a disaster. And for thousands of companies, Jira is one of those business-critical apps. If your Jira goes down, does productivity drop, too? Now you can be prepared while complying with your DRP.

We understand that no two DRPs are exactly alike. With Disaster Recovery for Jira Data Center, you can configure index replication, attachment updates, and database synchronization to comply with your DRP’s specific requirements.

Disaster Recovery file replication

Maintain high availability and performance

With Jira Data Center 6.4, choose how many Jira cluster nodes you want in the standby DR site. It can have the same or greater level of performance and availability as your production site. That way, if the worst should happen, it’s still business as usual for your teams.

Recover from a disaster quickly

Your standby site can be ready to serve in as little time as it normally takes your production instance to restart. Schedule how often you want your index to be replicated to the remote standby Disaster Recovery site so that you don’t have to wait for Jira to build its own index in the event of a failover. Since your standby site contains replicated Jira indexes and a copy of your production database – plus attachments and critical plugins – your team can quickly get back up and running.

Confidence through health checks

Have confidence in your DRP compliance with health checks. Switch to your standby Jira instance and automatically verify the health of its database, index, and attachments.

Disaster Recovery health checks

Disaster Recovery for Jira Data Center is the latest addition to our enterprise offerings, designed specifically for larger-sized customers. Atlassian is committed to a continued investment in enterprise – stay tuned for more!

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