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尽管敏捷开发方法已兴起,但多年来,开发团队和运营团队仍然处于孤立状态。DevOps 是协作工具和实践的进一步发展,以更快速地发布更优质的软件。

打破开发与 IT 团队之间的屏障

DevOps 运动在 2007 到 2008 年间开始盛行,在当时,IT 运营和软件开发社区直言不讳地表述了他们所认为业界的致命性障碍。


开发人员和 IT/运营专业人士具有单独的(且通常具有竞争性的)目标、单独的部门领导、单独的对其进行评估的关键绩效指标,而且通常在单独的楼层,甚至是单独的建筑物内工作。其结果是:只关注所在领域的孤立的团队、较长的工作时间、混乱的发布以及不愉快的客户。“当然有更好的方法”,他们表示。因此,两个社区聚在一起,并通过能促进对话的人员(类似 Patrick Dubois、Gene Kim 和 John Willis 这样开始进行交谈。


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构建 DevOps 文化

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了解 DevOps 优势

您虽然在使用敏捷开发方法进行规划和开发,但在发布代码时仍会竭力避开一系列戏剧性事件。您可能已经听说过 DevOps 及其对团队的看似神奇的影响:Atlassian 对 500 名 DevOps 从业人员的一项调查表明,几乎所有 (99%) 的 DevOps 团队都坚信其投入生产的代码会取得成功¹。

然而,DevOps 不是魔法,无法在一夜之间完成变革。好消息是,您不必等待上级管理层推出大型计划。通过了解 DevOps 的价值并持续做出细微的改变,您的团队即可马上开启 DevOps 之旅。

Going beyond agile

DevOps touches every phase of the development and operations lifecycle. From planning and building to monitoring and iterating, DevOps brings together the skills, processes, and tools from every facet of an engineering and IT organization.

Agile methodologies help teams plan and produce by breaking work down into manageable tasks and milestones. Agile relies on sprints, backlogs, epics, and stories to assign work to skilled team members, adjust timelines when necessary, and deliver quality products and services to customers. Read more about agile.

Continuous integration and delivery: Continuous integration and delivery is a cornerstone of DevOps practices that relies on automating the merging and deployment of code. Traditional development methods require engineers to manually update changes in the codebase, with additional manual checks to ensure quality code is ready to ship into production. Deployments are scheduled with weeks- or months-long delays to remove the likelihood of bugs or incidents. DevOps practices remove these delays by automating the merging, testing, and deployment functions. High-performing teams use CI/CD to reduce their deployment frequency from every few months to multiple times each day. Read more about CI/CD.

Git repositories and workflows enable the automation and version control capabilities that are foundational to DevOps practices. Because Git is distributed, operations such as commit, blame, diff, merge, and log happen faster. Git also supports branching, merging, and rewriting repository history, which enables powerful workflows and tools. Read more about Git.

IT service management is the process IT teams use to manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. This includes all the processes and activities to design, create, deliver, and support IT services. The core concept of ITSM is the belief that IT should be delivered as a service, which goes beyond basic IT support. ITSM teams oversee all kinds of workplace technology, ranging from laptops, to servers, to business-critical software applications. Read more about ITSM.

Incident management teams respond to an unplanned event or service interruption and restore the service to its operational state. In a “you build it, you run it” model, developers partner with operations to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring, and also reduce the mean time to recovery when an incident happens. Read more about incident management.

State of DevOps

Organizations and teams continue to adopt DevOps practices and tools. In a survey of 500 DevOps practitioners, Atlassian found that 50% of organizations say they’ve been practicing DevOps for more than three years.

Unfortunately, despite agreement on the definition of DevOps and the benefits of implementing DevOps practices, organizations and teams still struggle to fulfill the promise of DevOps. Teams must focus on continuous feedback, iteration, and improvement to deploy better and faster to meet customers' needs.

Ian Buchanan
Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan 是 Atlassian 的 DevOps 首席解决方案工程师,他专注于新兴的 DevOps 社区以及 Jira、Bitbucket 和 Bamboo 的应用,以实现更好的持续集成和持续交付。虽然 Ian Buchanan 在 Java 和 .NET 领域拥有丰富而深厚的经验,但他最广为人知的身份则是在大型企业内采取精益和敏捷实践的拥护者。

在他的职业生涯中,他自始至终成功管理了处在各个生命周期阶段的所有企业软件开发工具。他曾推动组织范围的流程改善,提高工作效率、产品质量和客户满意度。他建立了多个重视自我导向和自我管理的跨国敏捷团队。不说话或编码的时候,Ian 总是沉迷于解析器、元编程和特定于领域的各种语言。



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