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GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowd-funding community for nonprofits, including local organizations that drive disaster relief and recovery. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised over $228M for non-profits worldwide.

From disaster relief efforts in Italy to educating children in Peru, GlobalGiving works with nonprofit organizations in more than 165 countries to help make the world a better place.

When earthquakes and other disasters occur, GlobalGiving needs to mobilize quickly.  This includes reaching out to partners across the world, connecting distributed teams, and keeping the website up and running at a time when individuals and companies are more inclined to donate. Every second counts.

“We use Hipchat to provide a single source of truth for all of the up-to-date and urgent projects that are going on. Be it from battling the latest bug, or working on the latest international disaster relief, Hipchat allows our team to stay in touch quickly and easily,” says Kevin Conroy, Chief of Product at Global Giving.  

Immediately following the earthquake in Nepal, “we were using Hipchat to communicate with staff, with partners in the field, and with our sister organization in the UK. Hipchat became the source of truth for the entire team,” says Conroy.

Sometimes making important decisions is more comfortable face to face. With the new Hipchat group video platform, GlobalGiving can invite teammates to a group video chat by simply sharing a link. “Being able to meet spontaneously without arranging for a full-blown meeting helps save precious time,” says Paige Creigh, In-the-Field Senior Program Associate.

Hipchat rooms help too. “We have a room in Hipchat for disaster response. Any time there is a disaster, we all coalesce into the disaster response room to plan our response efforts,” explains Software Engineer Nick Violi.  

Hipchat’s tight integration with Atlassian and third-party software has also proved essential. “With robust integrations to all of the Atlassian products and other services like connections to Jira, Hipchat Standup bot, and custom plugins with our deploy toolchain, Hipchat helps us stay focused," concludes Conroy.

Hipchat has been a huge productivity booster for us and has had a tremendous impact on our ability to scale the org and optimize the GlobalGiving experience.— Kevin Conroy, Chief of Product, GlobalGiving

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