Thousands of companies

Thousands of companies rely on Statuspage during downtime

We asked our customers how Statuspage impacts their support and operations teams

How much faster
is your incident communication?


Communication speed


Average number based on 227 responses from Statuspage owners and administrators

Has using Statuspage helped increase your
users' trust in your organization?

67% Yes
User trust
How many fewer tickets?

How many fewer support tickets do you
typically receive during downtime?

24% fewer tickets

Average number based on 221 responses from Statuspage owners and administrators

Does Statuspage make your support team more efficient during incidents?

80% Yes

Based on 234 responses from Statuspage owners and administrators.

Does Statuspage make your operation team more efficient during incidents?

60% Yes

Based on 216 responses from Statuspage owners and administrators.

Happy customers

“Few things — if anything — are more critical than efficiently and precisely handling incident events. Statuspage makes these high-pressure situations as manageable as possible.”

Brandon Wolf
Vice President of User Enablement

“We switched to Statuspage to give customers a consistent, off-network location to stay informed as we expand our network. They deliver on two goals: updating customers quickly and reducing load on operations, infrastructure, and support teams.”

John Roberts
Head of Product

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