Audience-specific Pages

Tailored status information for each of your users

The right view for the right customer

Status communication gets complicated when you have different customers using a variety of different services and hosted on different infrastructure. With Audience-specific pages comes the power to target updates only to those customers impacted by an incident. All without needing multiple status pages.

Audience specific page illustration
Audience-specific page users

Grant access based on users or groups

You may have VIP customers who need to see different sets of information. Or you may have individual employees who depend on a variety of third party services and don’t need to know about the rest. Whatever the use case, Audience-specific pages have the flexibility to configure access and permissions appropriately for your user-base.

Priced for scale

Audience-specific pages have their own pricing model, separate from Public and Private pages. Pricing starts at $300/month and each page comes with up to 10 groups and 500 users. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your status page, the incremental price decreases as you scale with groups and users.

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