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Switching to Statuspage

"We viewed Statuspage as the industry leader and was the obvious choice by our support and engineering leadership. Personally, I was enamored with the extensibility and stock integration with other best-of-breed services, affording a quick-to-implement convenient web of statuses. Knowing Statuspage resides within the greater Atlassian family only made our selection and continued relationship easier."

Brandon Wolf
VP of User Enablement, InVision

Statuspage replaced our homegrown status page solution. They make it dead simple for us to be transparent with our customers and we love that flexibility.

Laura Kibben

New Relic

Statuspage has quickly become an essential tool for transparency to communicate status updates with our customers. You can firmly count AWeber in the Statuspage fanboy camp.

Tom Kulzer


Building this kind of thing internally would take up a lot of resources. Statuspage is a great solution for a company that’s trying to stay agile and wear multiple hats at once.

Rory McDowell

Duo Security

Our status page lets us be fully transparent in keeping our customers updated about the status of Librato's service. We strongly believe in picking best of breed services rather than building them internally, making Statuspage an easy choice.

Joe Ruscio


Over the last handful of years we’ve learned many lessons the hard way. Things can go wrong and they will go wrong, you should probably be ready for that. Thank goodness we are now!

Jordan Munson


Statuspage has saved us weeks of customer support time. It's become an essential piece of our service and our customers love it.

Brad Van Vugts


Launching Intercom's status page

"From start to end, it took us less than week to get Statuspage launched...If I had recommend Statuspage to someone, I'd say just use it. It's really simple. It works. It's made our lives easier. Why wouldn't you?"

— Matthew Barrington, Product Engineer, Intercom

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